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Single parent and having second customer compliance home visit please help

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Lucylou25 Thu 27-Feb-14 14:59:04

Hi I hope i have used the right thread. Last year I had a customer compliance officer visit my home and it was due to a malicious call made. I thought it was all sorted then in January this year I had my work focus interview and then another letter saying I am having another compliance officer come to my home! I'm severely annoyed as I have done nothing wrong but worried am I going to keep having these? I am currently applying for jobs and have several interviews coming up but I feel like I am being badgered and it's really stressing me out? On my letter it says "we are visiting you to check your circumstances have not changed" I am hoping this means just that! Has anyone else had several visits? Or do I just have bad luck!

Anonymai Thu 27-Feb-14 15:41:24

I've read before that the home visits are often random and some are due to how long you've been in receipt of benefits. It's when they call you in to see them that you have to be worried.

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