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Tarquin54321 Fri 21-Feb-14 09:51:52

Has anyone been through relate services? My husband and I have decided after a couple of years of things not being right that we should maybe try it but don't know anything about it. How manly sessions you should have, how much they cost, if they are helpful or not? Any advise or experiences of the services would be helpful. Thanks

RaspberryBeret34 Sat 22-Feb-14 16:07:37

I went to one session with my ex. It was £50 but I think it is based on income so that was the lowest it could be if that makes sense.

I think it would have been helpful if my ex hadn't been so passive aggressive and utterly opposed to getting anything useful out of it. If you both want to go then I think that is really positive and it could be very useful. If you decide not to go forward in the relationship they can help sort out a separation (my colleague did this and found it helpful).

Good luck with it.

Minime85 Sat 22-Feb-14 21:13:41

hi. I'm afraid I only went twice with stbexh. it was I think about £40 to register and then £48 for a session. this was like an initial consultation. we then got invited back but it was a different counsellor as we couldn't make the times the other counsellor was available . I did say we were struggling financially and it was reduced to £42 I think.

then we had to go through everything again with a new counsellor and we came out both saying please let's not go back. I dont think the particular counsellor was for us.

they are a charity so need the funds but they ideally want you to go every week and the cost alone was scary let alone anything else. so you have to be able to commit to the same time each week or at least each fortnight. this was impossible for us due to work.

I think if u are both open to it it could work. it wasn't for us and maybe it was also too late for us too.

I think though we had to at least go to know that. good luck thanks

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