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sensitive matter

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washingmachinegotmyjumper Tue 04-Feb-14 08:08:08

Left ex while ago
one DC
Lots of problems
Some time ago I've notice he acts strange
Contact mainly during pick ups or via email

I don't really want to contact his family
but for the last a few weeks looks like something is not quite right

I understand it can be just stress anxiety problem but after last weekend I'm worried

I'm not sure what should I do
Talk to nurse write letter to family or should I just leave it

ateddybearfromdelaware1 Tue 04-Feb-14 08:10:14

Sorry, who is behaving strangely? Your ex?

washingmachinegotmyjumper Tue 04-Feb-14 10:17:29

Yes but maybe I'm just wrong
It's a bit like normal and strange
Normal again

cestlavielife Tue 04-Feb-14 11:37:24

does eh ahve history of mental health problems?
is that what you mean?
contact his GP

or if you really concerned dont hand over child and call 999

DO tell his family / friends - it is for them to take repsonsibility not you

washingmachinegotmyjumper Tue 04-Feb-14 17:53:44

I don't really know I'm not sure
There are some strange things but for example next day time it looks better

Should I be concern??
I'm mostly nc apart from DC matters
nc with family the only thing I can do is to write a letter but even before they never really cared

Thetallestsunflower Tue 04-Feb-14 21:46:31

Trust your instincts. I have a similar story-My ex husb is biploar
Just before Christmas I noticed a scratch on my son's chin and grab marks on his arm. He said his dad had done it ;throwing him on the bed' but had told him to say he did it by falling off the bed.
I ended up contacting social services to voice my concerns. They interviewed both my kids and came to the conclusion it was not a serious enough matter to take further but told me to keep an eye on things and to use my judgement about allowing him contact.
I limited his contact over the Christmas holidays.
A few days into the new year, I went to drop the kids off at his flat and overheard him on the phone to a colleague-when I arrived he said to me 'good news I'm not bipolar any more I don't need medication'
At first I thought it was a wind up as he is always saying things like that and I had a busy day planned so I dropped the kids off and drove off.
When I got home I started to feel uneasy so I rang his colleague at work. She told me she was glad I had got in touch as she was really worried about him and didn't think I should of left the kids. She said he had been acting strangely in work like he was having a manic episode and had indeed told her he was no longer taking medication.
I went back to the house and caught him leaving with the kids. I got the kids into my car-luckily he did not try and object.
Anyway the next day I got a call from the police saying they had detained him under the mental health act as he had been found approaching guests and acting strangely in the Hilton hotel in our local city.
He has had a massive manic episode and is still in the psychiatric unit now.
If I hadn't caught him just in time with the kids God knows what might of happened. xx

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