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I cannot bear how mundane this life is!!!

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positively9something Wed 29-Jan-14 19:07:18

I'm so fed up of rushing to work, rushing to collect dd! Rushing to make dinner rushing to get her in the bath and bed.

I'm fed up of having to do all cooking and cleaning then dd just comes in and throws clothes on the floor or leaves crap around (although I understand it's not her fault she is only little). I'm also fed up of having to paint my house and do DIY!

But more than anything I fed up of sitting at home every single evening bored because I have to be stuck indoors as dd needs to be in bed at that time.

I eat lots of crap in the evenings because I'm bored and fed up and drink wine alone like a saddo 1-2 times per week at the moment!

How the hell am I meant to enjoy life like this? I really want something that is enjoyable for me, but I either don't have the time or money!

It's just so frustrating and now I've even started crying about it this evening! Errrr confused

AbleAble Thu 13-Mar-14 22:20:00

Looked at Nothing round where i am. Nearest ones are the city 50 miles away.

OP my life's like yours. It's boring and upsetting. I can't get babysitters and have no family.

The weekday nights are tiring and once ds is in bed (he's 6 too) I just look at the internet and drink wine. Do the washing, hoover a bit, drink wine, look at the internet, tidy his crap off sitting room floor, drink wine, set his breakfast out and clean uniform, set the alarms, drink wine...then go to bed.

Often I don't even bother getting undressed.

AbleAble Thu 13-Mar-14 22:21:35

The idea of doing puzzles and reading all those amazing books I apparently haven't got round to reading just makes me feel even more shit about my life tbh. 6 years, can't work as ds is on DLA and I am his carer.

Yeah right - bring on the puzzles and Ulysses hmm

Aloneandnowwhat Fri 14-Mar-14 05:50:40

Milkysmum I'm a single parent up north. I'm near Darlington, if you're anywhere near let me know.

FrontForward Fri 14-Mar-14 06:07:30

I have spent huge amounts of my life on my own with DC and totally empathise with you. I could cry some nights at being 'trapped in'. It's not even about wanting to meet a man but about exchanging words with another adult!

Now the evenings are light it's better. DD and I walk in the evenings...she takes her skateboard and we chat. We go swimming and we have just started C25K together and tbh I find my evenings really busy now. Still on my own with DD but so busy I don't have time to feel so trapped.

Working is great because I get adult company there. Difficult if you can't do it. The work/child juggle has always been stressful but it does get better. DD is first yr secondary school and life is so much easier now

I agree with a plan for it rather than just wondering on the day what to do. Puzzles, books, cooking, crafts etc are things we've done...learning a new language is on our list but we've not got to it...

piratecat Fri 14-Mar-14 06:23:23

hi it's so boring at times i know.
when my ex dh first left dd was three and saw him at weekends so i was able to go out.
i didn't want to go out i just wanted my husband backsad

then i started to enjoy a bit of time off. but when dd no longer saw him anymore i got really bogged down in the sense of omg this is life As a single mum.
i struggled alot. dd is now 12 and i still have to pinch myself we got there!
ok i don't have an evening social life and regret i am single but that's the way it is.

milkysmum Fri 14-Mar-14 18:10:14

Aloneandnowwhat- thats really kind but I am fair way from you in a village near Chorley. Thank you thoughsmile

Aloneandnowwhat Fri 14-Mar-14 19:01:01

No problem, I'm in the same boat myself so hope you get out and about soon x

milkysmum Fri 14-Mar-14 19:15:57

How old are your dc's alone?

Thetallestsunflower Sun 16-Mar-14 21:38:37

I am the same. Some weeks are better than others depending on what I arrange with friends.
Before Christmas I was lucky as my ex used to have the kids over night one night a week and my parents would often have them another night too. Then firstly my ex was sectioned (he is bipolar) and then my parents were unable to have the kids at theirs due to having building work done.
Its been a hard few months but the end is in site. My ex is recovering from his latest episode and is starting to see the kids again for days and my parent's building work will be finished in a few weeks.
Things like the others have said such as arranging trips to the cinema or park or even library are good as they make the evenings drag less (although homework sometimes prevents this).
I try and get something planned for a weekend night-usually one friend or another will come round with a bottle of wine sometimes with their kids for a sleepover.
It is mundane but I think a lot of it is winter blues...once the lighter nights come along and hopefully a bit more decent weather things will seem better xx

Meglet Sun 16-Mar-14 22:17:06

It's been 5yrs now and the boredom is starting to drive me loopy, the DC's catch me talking to myself quite regularly. It's going to be almost 10yrs until the dc's are old enough to be left for an hour or two in the evenings <<sigh>>.

Life just revolves around school / work / gym / not doing housework etc.

Aloneandnowwhat Mon 17-Mar-14 18:33:05

Milkysmum I have two dcs, almost 3yo ds and 8m old dd

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