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Getting worried about New Year's Eve

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Sasquatch75 Sun 01-Dec-13 22:18:51

A couple of friends have asked what I'm doing on NYE... And I'm pretty sure I'll have the kids. So I guess I'll stay at home? But I'm really worried about feeling like shite on that night... Exh left in August so it hasn't been very long and I still feel awful sometimes. Also found out last week that my dad has terminal cancer and doesn't have long. My grandma died in July... 2013 has really kicked the sh*t out of me! So you can see why I'm stressing about NYE. Maybe I'll just go to bed early. Kids are too young to stay awake til midnight anyway.

LadyAlconleigh Sun 01-Dec-13 22:26:03

Aw love. It is just a day. Since becoming parents we have never gone out on NY. Had a couple of parties maybe. But it tends to pass me by now really. Get in something nice to eat. There is usually something reasonable on TV. Join the MN thread of everyone else who is indoors doing nothing special and have a laugh. Go to bed when you are tired and don't stress about it. (((hugs)))

mamicar Sun 01-Dec-13 22:28:34

just another day. we have never gone out since having kids. we stay in bottle of wine, takeaway and watch TV smile

if you want to so something can you invite other friends round who are parents too?

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