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I want a new boyfriend NOW! (stamps foot ;)

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lizzie479 Mon 25-Nov-13 20:53:16

Thats it really I am fed up with friday nights on my own. Just looking after the kids. I've been on my own a year, doing all the right things (hobbies, exercising, decorating house, enjoying time with friends/kids etc). Is it the thought of another Christmas on my own? I just feel ready now, but my confidence has taken a huge knock!

TrueToYou Mon 25-Nov-13 20:55:27

Me too. Beginning to despair of ever meeting anyone. Any time I go out I just get annoyedby dslobbering drunkards.

lizzie479 Mon 25-Nov-13 21:01:18

Oh no, you are going to the wrong places! How about thinking of the sort of man you want to attract and then go from there? Possibly try other ways of meeting someone rather than nights out? Could you 'put the word out' with friends and family? My friend did this and loads of us set her up on blind dates. I think she was really brave and it ended up working out for her. I don't think any of us would have thought about single male friends and arranged dinner parties without her asking if we knew anyone single. We all had a lot of fun in the end as it forced us couples to get out of a rut and meet new people aswell. Don't despair. Concentrate on pampering yourself xxxx

lizzie479 Mon 25-Nov-13 21:01:57

PS that was when I was in a couple

monstermissy Mon 25-Nov-13 21:05:16

I've been on my own 3 years! I dispair of ever meeting anyone :-( every now and then it really gets me down! I've started a 'casual ' thing but actually he just wants a toy to play with and I'm not liking it.... Think I may just give up !

TrueToYou Mon 25-Nov-13 21:14:38

Looks like you've answered your own question there lizzie! smile

lizzie479 Mon 25-Nov-13 21:14:42

Don't give up! You have a FWB so thats a start ;) Ditch him if he does not make you feel good but don't give up. Love yourself. Buy yourself chocs and wine. Dress as nicely as you can afford (for you) wear make up and exercise to boost your self esteem, have counselling if you think you are not over your break up and this is holding you back, do the things you could not do if you were in a relationship. Good luck xxx

rainbowfeet Tue 26-Nov-13 14:35:01

I want one too!!! sad .... Please Santa?!!

lizzie479 Tue 26-Nov-13 22:13:56

ha ha so I did true to you! But I don't take my own advice ;) Plus I am not confident enough to 'ask' if anyone wants to date me....... should not be advising other women that then if I can't/won't do it eh ;) I hear the rampant rabbit is good ???? ;)

ProtectiveMother Tue 26-Nov-13 22:39:18


ProtectiveMother Tue 26-Nov-13 22:46:38

This is a great thread Lizzie. I'm feeling the same alas! I have my eye on a guy (no wedding ring) who I only know because I have been a customer where he works. Sad, eh? He really seems to like me but this could also be me totally misreading him being just professional. The second time I went he said 'I remember you' when I explained that I'd been there before. The last time I was there he made allusions to 'knowing' me and there has been some interesting eye contact lol but really I have no way of making this into something as I have no actual reason to go there now and don't want to invent a reason so that he- might ask me out? That's not a high probability that he'll ask me out in front of workmates. I may as well give up on him, eh? But seriously, WHERE do we go to meet decent guys?!? There have been threads like this here before saying the gym, coffee shops etc but it just seems desperate!

NeveroddoreveN Sun 01-Dec-13 01:05:06

Having just met someone who appears to be perfect, I'd deffo go with the idea of asking as many friends as possible if they know anyone and could do dinner parties. This guy was my friend on FB after I met him at a wedding nearly a decade ago; he asked the couple who's wedding we were at if they could arrange for us to meet, which they did! It's all early days but I am still in shock! If you had asked me 5 months ago I would have run a mile from any man. So chin up chickadees! It can all turn in a millisecond :D

TortillasAndChocolate Mon 02-Dec-13 07:10:05

I want one too!!!

I'm 32 and I've been single nearly 2 years, since ex left for OW. I'm in a good place now, but I feel like I really want to meet someone. Even if it's not someone I'm with forever, just someone! I'm so worried I'll never meet anyone I fancy who also fancies me again.

I'd be a good girlfriend damn it.

NewBeginningsSnoopy Mon 02-Dec-13 09:11:44

I feel exactly the same as you Tortillas!

lizzie479 Mon 02-Dec-13 11:50:57

Ah some great responses on here! I was feeling ready then my ex starts pulling his nasty controlling stunts on me and I get put off of men again. I think he has a radar for when I am getting along quite nicely thankyou so throws a spanner in the works ;) Am saying yes to most invites but still seem to be flanked by lots of lovely female friends and no men. Maybe its what I need and means I am not ready to get out there again after being hurt before? I do think asking around friends and family and putting the word out that you are single and happy but would like a boyfriend/few dates even is the way to go. But only when you can truly feel you are in a good place sans emotional baggage ;) Cuz I think like attracts like by all accounts....and I want a normal secure in himself man next please smile

NewBeginningsSnoopy Mon 02-Dec-13 12:00:13

That's a good idea Lizzie & doesn't make us look desperate!

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