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desperate need help

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kelly21 Sat 23-Nov-13 21:53:14

my ex has walked out on me loads of times during my pregnancy i have been a mug and took him back he is emotionaly abusive a drug user and compulsive liar my anxiety and depression have been bad well he last left 2 months ago well last night i got the usual text from him he misses me blah blah blah he also added he was horny i told him not to contact me ill contact him when the babies here well i got a mouth full of abuse he said some pretty discusting things sad i have told him if he wants to see her we can arrange drug tests and contact center ( that's if he bothers) am i doing the right thing i am just so sad abduction devastated also how can i still love him after some of the things he has said i feel stupid

IsobelEliza Sat 23-Nov-13 21:57:40

I would concentrate on the best people in your life right now. Choose to devote your energies to the people who make you feel good instead of the negativity this ex brings. Look after yourself.

starlight1234 Sat 23-Nov-13 23:17:28

I ended up in a refuge but still loved Ex... THe heart takes a while to catch up with the head...

You are definitely doing the right thing it won't get any better when the baby arrives you will be tired and less time to meet his demands..

Take all the support you can..You really don't need the stress right now

kelly21 Sun 24-Nov-13 11:08:05

family are supportive but just keep telling me to forget his messages but its not that easy i can't stop thinking about it sad i just give up what the point in living a shit life people say it will get better but it won't it hasn't been good for the past 8 years why should things get better for me now

Mumof3xx Sun 24-Nov-13 11:19:51

Imagine going through all his shit with a child to care for, with a child at risk of being exposed to his vileness

You are doing the right thing

kelly21 Sun 24-Nov-13 11:30:38

i already have a 4 year old sad

Mumof3xx Sun 24-Nov-13 11:49:03

Is he his dad?

Must be very hard for you

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