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So angry!

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rainbowfeet Wed 13-Nov-13 16:43:11

Sounds just like my exh .... All arrangements have to revolve around him, his job & his gf/social life!!!
He often lets dd down at the last minute... She comments at first but annoying she soon forgets & the sun goes back to shining out if his arse!!! Argghhhh confused

Handywoman Tue 12-Nov-13 07:27:18

What an idiot he is. Agree with Susan log the whole thing. Twat. How old is your dd ?

BlackeyedSusan Tue 12-Nov-13 00:39:26

but dd was there and she knows what she said.

record it all. keep texts times excuses.

your laast line sums it up nicely i think.

Prforone Mon 11-Nov-13 22:19:16

Without boring you with all the details, ExH has decided that it's no longer "practical" to see as much of DD as he used to (don't even get me started on that one!).

He led me to believe that he wouldn't be seeing DD yesterday so we were still lounging about in our PJs at 10.30 am, when I got a text from him saying he'd be round to get DD in the next 10 mins. So I responded to say she wasn't ready as we didn't know he was having her. To which he responded, "I'll see her Friday then". So I tried phoning him to explain that there wasn't a problem with him having her, only that she couldn't be ready in 10 mins. But he ignored my calls, letting them go to voicemail. On the fourth attempt of calling him, I left a message to this effect and, by my own admission, also added that it was a bit off with him to be ignoring my calls when he clearly had his phone near him as he'd only just texted.

Half-hour later he calls me back to say he would no longer be "dancing to my tune"(?!?) and he wouldn't see DD after all as he had things to do angry. I then had to explain to DD that daddy wouldn't be coming round after all and she was surprisingly okay about it,

Then in the afternoon, around 3.30 pm, he texted me to say he would collect DD at 4 pm and bring her back at 6 pm. I mentioned this to DD and she asked if she could stay with her dad for a bit longer than 2 hours. So I texted him to ask if he could bring her back at 7 pm instead, and he responded with "It's either 6 pm or not at all. I have things to do and need to get ready for work tomorrow." Amazing really, considering the old arrangement involved him bringing her home at 7.30 pm on a Sunday evening. But still .....

So I told DD that daddy needed to bring her back at 6 pm, to which she said she'd rather not bother and would wait to see him on Friday instead. I texted ExH to tell him and he just responded "Ok".

Fast forward to this evening and he phoned this evening to speak to DD. I passed the phone to her but could clearly hear their conversation. He told DD that he was sorry he did not see her yesterday and that he had wanted to but I hadn't let him.


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