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Wonders will never cease

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starlight1234 Tue 05-Nov-13 12:53:57

I would say the same..Guessing he is self employed ...I would be going to CSA and fighting to support his kids not just a 1/2 a luxury

IndiansInTheFuckerLobby Mon 04-Nov-13 22:11:40

Why is he getting away with no maintenance? Don't let him! I would tell him to shove his music lessons up his arse! I also have a pain in the arse ex p!

Monetbyhimself Mon 04-Nov-13 15:34:14

Name changed cos details may be identifiable. After 3 years of no maintenance, ex sent the kids home last night with a small amount of cash. He earns in excess of 30k. It is apparently to pay for music tuition for DD. it doesn't even cover half and I'd already explained to DD that I just couldn't budget for it.
Part of me wonders if this sudden gesture is in any way related to the conspicuous absence of OW at the weekend. He used to throw the odd fiver at the kids until she got pregnant. Then that all stopped as he had other commitments ( Icandy prams ain't cheap apparently)
Part of me is pissed off that DD is now thinking that she'll be able to do her music if I find the cash for the rest. Shd kniwx how controlling he is.
Part of me eonders what the hell thr agenda is (long history of abuse, NMO's etc)
Part of me wants to blow it on a day out for the kids and part of me wants to put it towards my fuel bills.

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