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how do I stop being so angry?

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Lonecatwithkitten Sun 03-Nov-13 21:07:53

There are stages to to the grieving process of the relationship and anger is one them.
I found it useful to focus on the good of being alone, I got to watch the TV I wanted all the time, eat what I like, do things my way. I learnt this from a friend with an army husband who said it was the only way to survive when he was on tour. She also told me that initially you live from week to week, 7 days at a time.
After several months I looked around for a way to start a new life. I found a choir to join I made new friends who only knew the single mum me. I was lucky the very first song I learned was 'Proud' - just getting there was something I had done to make me feel proud. My choir has a morning session that people can take their babies too, most seem to sleep through choir!
Gradually the anger subsides as the other stuff grows and pushes it out.
It will get better I promise and you will find yourself again.

Theincidental Sun 03-Nov-13 21:06:12

Get out and meet some people who have children a similar age.

Get a routine going for everything and make sure it includes some down time to just play and enjoy your children.

It's bloody hard work, but ignore him and what he's doing and focus on the amazing job you're doing.

skat73 Sun 03-Nov-13 21:01:22

Should say I am bringing them up on my own

skat73 Sun 03-Nov-13 20:56:22

Exh left in July , have two dds 5 yrs and 9 months. He has them one night a week and one at weekend plus whole day. He plays Disney dad whilst I get all the day to day bits. I feel like I am bringing them up on my own. Self confidence is completely shot as how awful must I be for someone leave me 6 months after having a baby. But I am so angry at him and I can't stop. I am amicable for sake of girls but I would love some advice about how to cope with this anger its eating me up inside.

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