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please tell me I am not being unreasonable. am so upset.

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bluebeardsbabe Thu 17-Oct-13 15:37:47

So I knew this would happen. Dds first birthday in a few days and card from exp came today. Signed from him AND other woman!!

Bearing in mind he has barely a relationship with his daughter and OW none whatsoever at the moment as well as the fact that he knows how painful the situation was and still is for me.

completely different imo than to get a card from a step parent who has a relationship with the child.

Ffs. Her first ever card from him and he has sullied it by writing her ow name on it. He knew how much it would upset me. This is a woman who ruined my pregnancy, whom I've never met and according to exp has hardly met our daughter.

How fucking disrespectful. Just brought all the pain back. How dare she wish my child a happy first birthday. My daughter is spending it without her dad because of her.

bluebeardsbabe Fri 18-Oct-13 21:37:25

Oh no. I could write a book. Like the time he 'accidentally' sent me text messages that were meant for OW!!

Thanks for the support. Feeling more clear headed today and will continue to ignore him and maybe even feel sorry that he would put my misery over dd being able to keep her first card from him. The card has already disappeared along with some other shit (nappies). Mum also doing wellsmile

Quoteunquote. What a horrible man and woman. The picture in the loo bit was brilliant. Maybe I'll make a dartboard!!

Caramelia Sat 19-Oct-13 14:54:15

Absolutely disgusting on his part. Glad it went out with the nappy.

Good that your mum is doing well. smile

balia Sat 19-Oct-13 15:00:51

Obviously ignore, be the better person, etc etc.

But your DD could write a lovely thank you card to 'Daddy and the random slag who slept with him when he was still married to mummy'. And for christmas I suggest she sends a nice, big bag of self respect 'because everyone thinks you haven't got any'.

but then I'm a cow

Reality Sat 19-Oct-13 15:07:09

My fuck wit ex does this, he hasn't seen my children for years and years but occasionally sends cards from him, his wife and a great long laundry list of names which includes her children and theirs.

My kids are like, who the hell are these people?

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