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First week as a single parent!

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HorizontalRunningOnly Thu 19-Sep-13 09:55:15

My dp of 5 years decides last week he doesn't love me and is miserable. He has moved out to his best friends house. We were living with my parent saving for a mortgage deposit with plans to head to bank feb time next year to buy a house. We were discussing a sibling for our 2.7 ds and all seemed great. Ups and downs as normal but nothing dramatic until I found he had signed a finance agreement for 4 years for his best friend and wouldn't cancel it. Refused to cancel it as it would make it hard for his mate to work, essentially came down to me or his mate. He didn't choose me! Now I'm still at my parents house and we have halved out savings. I don't really k ow where to go next, I can't afford to rent a place on just my salary even with the maintenance money my ex dp has said he will provide. I have no idea about council housing and how to go about it? I don't want to rush out of my dads as its a big three bedroom place and he is widowed so I think enjoys having his grandson around. But eventually i will need I look to make a home for us my dp and me have been getting on perfectly fine he's had out son for 2 of my working days as he always did before. I just feel confused and wish it could have all worked out it all seems to have come out of the blue and hanged really fast thanks for reading any way!! Good to get it all out!

HorizontalRunningOnly Thu 19-Sep-13 14:00:38

Any body??

Handywoman Thu 19-Sep-13 18:38:22

Sorry to hear this, horizontal - what a shock. It sounds as though you have somewhere good for the time being. Please be kind to yourself, and get some info from CAB and your local council and housing etc, or go to a solicitor (some offer an initial free consultation). I think some knowledge about your entitlements will help to calm you while you come to terms with what's happened. So sorry.

HorizontalRunningOnly Thu 19-Sep-13 19:37:08

Thanks handy yeah no worries about housing at the mo but all my plans for the next two years are blown out the water, a month ago we were still talking houses and siblings. He's agreed a maintenance amount and is hands on with our son, we also get on really well still which is bizarre I wish he would explain himself! I have contacted council re housing and am have sorted out tax credits, as I'm entitled now I'm on my own. My ds is happy as larry and hasn't noticed much different as his dad usually work evenings so he would only normally see him the the mornings until his days off. It's all so out of the blue I wonder of everyone feels like this, just wish could go back and undo it all and start again!

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