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My daughter's 'My Family' page of her nursery 'About Me' book

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ProtectiveMother Mon 09-Sep-13 21:28:43

Now please if you're going to write here saying 'its no big deal,' please go elsewhere.

My daughter has started nursery already but I've been stumped by her 'My Family' page of her 'About Me' book.

I want to write that her family consists of her sibling and me and herself. Us 3. I don't want to mention her father who left us because I asked him to face up to his drinking problem and he wouldn't. In my view, although he is 'fighting me' (his own words) for joint residency, he's not a proper parent and due to domestic violence I'm very sorry but I don't consider him family at all and the kids are too young to understand all this. Do I have to play along (still!!!!) and draw 2 little houses and say 'Daddy lives here.' I really don't think so! He has recently introduced a new girlfriend to the children without letting me know. Family?? Erm...

Any advice VERY welcome. I know it's only a little nursery book I'm filing out (photos etc are supposed to be included) but the issues go so much wider than this and I'd really appreciate any support :-)

ProtectiveMother Wed 11-Sep-13 15:20:58

Wow TwoStepsBeyond you're really judgemental!

Anyway I finally asked my daughter about it. (It has been sitting undone thus far!) She would like a picture of the 3 of us on our family holiday this summer and she wants to draw two of her friends.

mimbles Wed 11-Sep-13 17:54:48

My dc's have been asked to draw numerous 'family' pictures over the years and have drawn all sorts of combinations according to how they are feeling at the time.

PixieZ Sat 24-Jan-15 11:39:12

I would also say in family abuse cases... talk to your childcare contact eg. teacher/nursery/headteacher.

as long as you talk to one member of staff.. they can make sure its flagged that family stuff might be issuey.

As an primary school teacher, ive known full teacher, or if they talk to a Head/depputy only that x is not in picture, please monitor and be sensitive to this.
Im in a small family boat. family tiny, most dead... so i think i will compensate by adding our 'pack family' becuase they are the ones our little boy will learn and who look after him. they will be his pack family.
im tempted to put in pictures of his missing grandparents..who all died before he was born... because we dont ignore them. they would of all wanted to be here if they had a choice.

good luck to anyone in a similar family tree (esp those where one parent isnt good news or on the scene in any way) situation.

Once our little boy is old enough..will will go with whom he wants to include.

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