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wedding day

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WaitMonkey Sat 20-Jul-13 17:52:27

Enjoy your wine . You deserve it.

devilcakes Sat 20-Jul-13 17:14:12

We have two dc together, and my friends are really truly happy, they are all about 2-4 yrs married.
Im so glad im not marrying the wanker. Going to have some wine later to celebrate!
Thanks for your replies.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sat 20-Jul-13 09:59:11

How many couples stick together out of pure habit? There are plenty of people who trundle along take all kinds of crap and still count themselves as blessed necause they've paired up "Better half a couple than single". Oh please.

As for 'happy couples' how many are already verging on boredom or irriration but think they'll let everyone down if they back out now?

He wasn't right. You may have invested considerable love and time and energy but you've stepped back from the brink. If you have a child or more than one you'll be linked for a long time to come but not trapped by him. It is bound to bug you sometimes in a "what if?" way but cherish your DCs, lean on family and goood friends and you'll get past this date and count your lucky stars you had the foresight or wit or luck to dodge that bullet OP of hitching up with an asshole.

Confused40 Sat 20-Jul-13 09:32:16

Oh bless you. I'm sure you are mixed with feelings of sadness, anger and deep emotion.
How sad you say your friends won't remember. Big hugs to you.
Hope you get through the day ok? Try and do something nice for yourself.

devilcakes Sat 20-Jul-13 07:54:28

Hey, it should of been my wedding day today, im happy im not marrying my ex (as hes an asshole!) But feel a bit weird.
The majority of my friends are married, or about to be, I feel like im missing out!
Dont really know what I expect from this thread, just wanted to get it out really, doubt any of my friends will remember.

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