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ex interfering on birthday

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mummykayxx Thu 18-Jul-13 14:55:10

my son's birthday next weekend. I have planned a mini party with all my family (his don't see our son) and a day trip with the family too. he has insisted on being there for all of it. he treats everyone like rubbish and noone likes him. I said the party is fine but no need to come to our day trip too? is that harsh? we don't get on we aren't together. I just don't want him there.
he moans about having my son every time but only bothers birthday or Christmas. help

corlan Thu 18-Jul-13 15:37:53

My XP is another one of the strange breed of men who only seem interested in their children on special occasions.

It's as simple as this - tell him he can't come. If he asks why,tell him what you've said here - he treats people like rubbish and you don't get on. If he's that bothered,he can throw his own party.

It's not harsh - if he behaves like a dick, you shouldn't have to put up with him.

Hamwidgeandcheps Thu 18-Jul-13 15:41:07

Yanbu tell him he can't come and offer replacement contact so he can do his own birthday stuff with your ds. I would say don't feel you have to let him come if he can't behave but actually don't feel you have to let him come full stop - you're not obliged!

Last year dd1 had 6 birthday cakes over a week and 3 parties - she didn't complain! (Mum/dad/big party/2 small parties with chums be ause they all so different nursery days and a cake at her own nursery)

mummykayxx Thu 18-Jul-13 15:45:33

I'm not bothered about him coming to the party its just the trip out, no need for both is there? told him he cant come and he accused me of taking his son on his birthday and said he was just going to turn up anyway :/ such a dick

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