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My ex has moved abroad - help getting maintenance

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Caramelbutthorn Wed 10-Jul-13 17:02:25

Sorry, forgot to say I'm going to post in the legal section too.

Caramelbutthorn Wed 10-Jul-13 17:01:06


I'm stuck and hope someone can offer some advice.

I need to obtain a CHILD MAINTENANCE ORDER but do not know how to do this myself.

My ex was making payments via the CSA but has recently moved far away. He is working for a foreign based company. There is therefore nothing that the Remo team or CSA can do to help me.

A document I saw online stated:

If you do not have a maintenance order or if you have a CSA assessment, you should contact your local magistrates’ court or family proceedings court about applying for maintenance abroad.

Have any of you had to try to get maintenance from an ex who has moved abroad? How did you do it?

I believe I need to obtain a child maintenance order but do not know how to do this and cannot work out which form I need to complete. As I cannot afford a solicitor I have to do this myself.

For a bit of background, I was NOT married to my babies father however I do have DNA test results to show he is the biological father.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Thank you xx

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