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motherhen85 Mon 08-Jul-13 19:44:56

Hi I am after advice I am a single parent and am looking at going back to work and was wondering how anyone else manages in this situation as I am probably likely going back full time after two years and will be relying heavily on my mums help until my little boy is old enough to join a local playgroup pls help

BellaTalbert Mon 08-Jul-13 22:53:16

Ask any new employer about flexible working its the only way that I can work

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 09-Jul-13 06:06:03

Childminder, nursery and au pair before school age. Childminder, au pair and holiday camps once school age.
In all honesty it is like a military operation I work full time running my own business. Survival tips I out source ironing and menu plan extensively.

chickensaladagain Tue 09-Jul-13 06:20:14

I work full time with 2 dcs

Pre school age I used a mixture of childminder and my parents

School age I use the school breakfast and after school club which is much cheaper -they also do a school holiday club which at £20 per child per day including a hot meal is doable as long as I plan in advance and try and co-ordinate my annual leave school holidays are not my exp's problem apparently so he has them for 1 week only

The only time touch wood I struggle with childcare is the week between Christmas and new year which is a juggling act

What I have leant about full time work and being a lone parent is

Get as much stuff for the morning ready the night before as you can
Batch cook
Internet food shopping is your friend
Be good to your employer and they will be good to you
Don't sweat the little stuff -having fun with your little one on your days off is much more important than the ironing


Scrambled egg on toast is a perfectly good meal grin

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