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SH*T XP is getting arrested!

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fattiemumma Sun 04-Jun-06 11:34:52

OK. im happy about it but kind of in shock all at once.

quick synopsis - 6 year relationship 2 kids ds5 and dd 20months. very violent both pyshically, sexually and emotionally violent towards me and in front of the children. i left when dd was 10 weeks old, went in a refuge. got rehomed all the while giving xp acces to the kids. he found me, maade my life hell and comntinued to abuse me. stupidly i tried to cover it up as i was so embarassed that i had let him back into my life. moved again nearer my parents and he doesnt know where i am.
he is taking me to court for access to the children. he currently is having then fortnightly on a sunday between 10-5. i drop them to his mum who takes them to him. and then returns them the same way. he also had phone contact with my ds on tues and thurs between 6-7pm.

well he has constantly abused telephone contact and calls em non stop. he has been warned by my solicitors 3-4 times but he still carries on.
i have an injunction agianst him that says he cant pester or harass or threaten to use violence against me. it has a power of arrest attached.

we were in court on friday for a hearing for me to ask for contact to be suspended until the full cafcas reports etc.
wel i was told that he coudl still have direct contact on the fortnight but becasue he ahd abused teh phone conatct (my barrister played the court my voicemal...38 messages in 7 days!) so he was told that there was no phone contact anymore. and that if he called me again he would be in breach of the injunction and so he would be arrested and coudl face prison for contempt of court.

well the thick tosser spent all friday night ringing.
he rang once and i answered trying to get him to say something incriminating so i could save it on teh voice recorder....but the thing is rubbish and only records for about 30 seconds!

anyway he ended up saying some stuff that i considered threatening...basicly that he knew he wasnt allowdd to call but he didnt care if he got locked up he would wait till he got out and hurt me the way i had hurt him.

he then rang and left another two messages which were pretty similar t what he had said to me.
so i went to the police yesterday and they have said that he has clearly breached the injunction and they will be organising local police to go and arrest him as soon as they can. they have taken a statement and they wil let me know when he is arrested.

but the twat has still been phoning me all last night and his mum has been texting so it will all go in my favour i think.
so woohooo the man has been such a wanker to me im glad its actualy doing me a favour for a change.

the thing is im a bit worried that when teh kids grow up they will blame me for having their dad arrested? or that if they arrest him and then bail him he will be more angry and make a more concerted effort to come find me ( he has found me before...found my mums new adress even though she moved 60 miles, and found my brothers adress! he really is very determined!) and if he does find me you will all hear about it on the news.

im shitting a brick to be honest. i know im doing the right thing in the long run but its a bit scarey that someone is finally doing something about him.

fattiemumma Sun 04-Jun-06 11:35:08

oops didnt realise it was soo long.

edam Sun 04-Jun-06 11:41:42

Wow fm, what an huge thing to deal with. I think you are doing the right thing (easy for me to say, not being in your shoes, but I do think it's true). Get the police to tell the court about his determination to find you (and past behaviour tracking your family down). Make it very clear to them that, for your safety, they have to tell the court and custody sergeant and, if he is bailed, they have to let you know immediately. No idea what other precautions you can take, tbh. Is your brother a great big bloke and could he come over?

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