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10 weeks pregnant and partner has left me

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Fizzyfuzzy123 Sun 07-Jul-13 20:32:53

I went through pregnancy alone too. It is hard but luckily I had a good friend to come to scans etc. he may just be scared. Last poster is right it sometimes makes them run a mile. Me and ds dad aren't together still but he wants to be in ds life so I've got to give him a 2nd chance even though I'm still angry about pregnancy. He may need some time to sink in. See how the meeting goes x

buthow Sun 07-Jul-13 07:24:37

OP this is really sad situation for you I'm sure. Being hurt twice almost the same way. If the relationship is ending because he doesn't love you anymore then don't force him to stay let him go. However if he is coming over to discuss about finances he seems to want to be involved in the dc u are carrying's life which is good right?

Men seem to have something that makes them run when it comes to pregnancy I don't know why coz even married man sometimes run and some return after the baby is born but during the whole pregnancy he is never there of course some run for good, but I wish I knew why all is handy and at the mention of a sweet innocent baby coming the man heads for the heels and its usuall mostly the woman to blame (she did something)

I'm going through the same thing pregnant and the father gone but really friends and family are very supportive try them for comfort you will be amazed I ddnt thnk my mother and sisters will react the way they did as we have strict values but they are very supportive

I dnt have much concrete advice but I know you will be ok it always has to get better

joellie183 Sun 30-Jun-13 22:43:38

also just to add, he is coming over in the week for lunch and to sort finaces etc as we have joint bank account and my dd asked him to stay for tea too which I said was ok...
don't know which way to take that or how I should be around him because i know I will just want to give him a hug or quick kiss but don't know what his reaction would be.
I love this man to bits and I am very shocked he has done this.

sorry for the rant but so many questions in my head and would be nice for some views from people who don't know us

Mockingcurl Sun 30-Jun-13 22:40:40

I'm so sorry you are in this awful situation. I can only offer my love and support. I'm sure others will be along with much more constructive help and advice than I am able to give.

joellie183 Sun 30-Jun-13 22:37:35

Hi, will try and keep it short and hope it makes sense!
I have a dd who is 8, no contact with her father-his choice and left before I knew I was pregnant. brought her up alone until I met someone when she was 4.
so we have been together 4 years, an amazing dad to my dd and was happy when I told him 4 weeks ago I was pregnant after ttc for 2 years. due to marry April next year and started looking at houses to buy as we rent.
so all was fine, happy as normal until 5 says ago he came home from work and said he didn't love me like he should anymore and wouldnt even listen when i suggested trying to work at it and next day he packed his stuff and went!
myself and my dd are heartbroken and confused and I feel so low and stupid.
when I ask him if that's it we are over for good he says he doesnt know, pretty much his answer for anything I ask.

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