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So scared

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Confused40 Sun 26-May-13 21:12:03

Due to give birth in six days and am so scared of downstairs neighbour. She has moaned and complained about my son and I for years and made my life a nightmare. I live in a HA 1st floor flat and she's directly beneath with her husband and son. On Friday she turned off main water supply which she has control of and didn't let me know. I woke up and had no water and son was off school having been vomiting previous night. She knows I'm heavily pregnant, and this didn't stop her. I had to made numerous phone calls and 2 hours later water was turned back on. I was so upset that she can keep behaving like this and am now really worried how she will be when I come home with a newborn.
We had police mediation and she says I have mental health issues (I work in the field) and can hear everything I do including telling who is using toilet my son or me. I feel I have no option but to now just move. She has driven away 3 sets of people before me that lived here and I was warned about her by lovely elderly neighbours who've since passed away. I get in with all other neighbours apart from her.
Feel at the end of my tether with her. She is a horrible woman and I just have had enough and have out up with her complaining since 2004.
HA have done nothing apart from write letters to her, which don't work. Feel helpless and this is making me worry so much. I'm on my now and she knows this. Keep wondering what she'll do next? I can't Hoover after certain time or use washing machine etc as she says I've made her ill with the noise.
It do I just stay and ignore her? Any advice gratefully accepted smile

girliefriend Sun 26-May-13 21:45:08

I think move asap, its just not worth the stress and she sounds very unpleasant.

marjproops Sun 26-May-13 22:22:14

Op I had exactly same thing a few places ago. move, its the only way.

my lot downstairs had driven out previous tenants too...wanted the house all to themselves.

thug downstairs made phil muitchell look like the pope. loud big dog, ''music'' and domestics at all hours, I know its a trauma moving but it drove my poor dc AND I into hospital, her as she had a seizure type thing from fright and me as I had a stroke from it all.

seriously, youll be much better moving. and no more maisonettes, theyre a nightmare.

Confused40 Tue 28-May-13 23:03:30

Thank you! Feeling a bit better today, and have updated details on homeswapping site. Spoke to friend who said I should use what neighbours have been doing to help me move quicker. Am eligible for a 3 bedroom place when LO is born so might use their abuse to my advantage to move quicker.
I just want a peaceful life and family below are vile, so I want to be away asap and breathe easier. smile

marjproops Wed 29-May-13 18:41:18

Good. and hope you get something asap. xx

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