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To work or not to work?

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FloatingOnTheMed Tue 23-May-06 10:10:41

I just looked at the thread about returning to work even if you're not better off, but it doesn't quite answer my question...

I am a single SAHM, and wasn’t intending to return to work till dd is settled in school (she is currently 2.9). I am absolutely loving being a SAHM since dd grew out of very clingy babyhood, she is now a dream, I love the freedom that I have, and I really believe that for dd it is best that I am at home with her. We go to playgroups etc, have contact with other children, so she is growing a lot in confidence, and she starts pre school in Sept 3 mornings a week, so I definitely want to still be a SAHM for her to settle there, but I do feel the best thing for my particular dd is for me to still be a SAHM when she starts school, which I know is a huge deal. But I really am struggling financially and am wondering if I should consider returning to work (part time) sooner. Ideally of course I would work school hours, term time only. If I could do that I would be happier sending dd to a childminder outside of pre school hours, in the knowledge that I would be there to drop off/pick up from school when she starts. But I know those jobs are hard to come by and I’m more likely to get a family-unfriendly job. I know that me returning to work would turn dd’s world temporarily upside down.
So, do I put what I think is best for dd first and struggle on money-wise for the next few years or do I put money and our future first? Would I even be better off just working part-time?? (The job centre reckons yes.) I guess I’m asking what your experiences are of returning to work and whether or not you think I’m worrying about nothing when it comes to the impact on dd, especially as I know tons of you are WOHMs . (I’m a big worrier and i think i sometimes project my own childhood experiences onto dd - starting school was horrendous for me even though my mum was a SAHM!)

Bugsy2 Tue 23-May-06 10:29:16

So many questions .........
First of all, you need to sit down and work out some of the financial permutations. I am a single mum of two & work part-time & I am definitely better off. However, you really do need to think about how it will all work. Have a look at the sort of jobs you could do & get an idea of salary that you could expect & then start feeding figures into the Tax Credits online calculator. If you are paying a childminder or nursery some of your costs will be offset by the childcare tax credits.
I used a childminder when my two were little & it worked very well. They were in a lovely, family environment & both of them were happy there.
Good luck with what you decide to do. Keep asking on here - you'll get lots of good advice

TmobileMum Tue 23-May-06 11:31:53

I've a 8.5 month old and haven't had the choice really about being sahm. But instead of FT work I'm doing PT (which is fab after 18 yrs fulltime)and although I miss DD I am less worried about finances and therefore able to relax more when we have our time together.
It's worth doing what Bugsy has suggested re tax credit etc and some employers have a scheme that give you tax free vouchers for childcare (see SureStart for the details).
Do what you think is best. Good Luck.

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