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Dating after being single.... Lighthearted!

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Ange1972 Sun 12-May-13 19:28:56

Hiya peeps just wondering if you have any funny dating stories? I have been single for 7 years now and can honestly say, after much soul searching and wrong men, I'm really happy and content!!!! Have had various dating disasters .... Fell in love with a married man (after being the victim if an affair myself, not one of my better moves!!) had an infatuation with a bloke 10 years younger and during that period I hated my age and generation (again... Stoooopid!). Then met an old school friend thru Facebook, well he was in my year but really can't remember him, just noticed he was single!!! Arranged to meet up, spent weeks texting, then he said he didn't drive so had to travel 30 miles on the bus. I remember hyperventilating before he arrived I've never felt so nervous in my life!!! My pals down the road came into the street to 'wash the car' around the time he was due. Was very funny looking back.... When I opened the door I remember my heart just sinking into my boots!!! Absolutely no attraction at all!!!! He only had one pic on Facebook which wasn't representative!!!! He kept trying to hold my hand all night and spent hours telling me about his ex love failures!!! Then he took his jacket off and he had a NASA t shirt on!!!!!!! Thankfully he had to get the bus home!!! He was really keen for ages after I felt so disappointed!!!

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