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Do I have a say or will I be over-ruled again? What are MY rights?

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whiskmeaway Sat 20-May-06 19:48:20

XH went behind my back and introduced his new girlfriend and her children to mine - all playing happy families. I dont care what he does, I DO care about my children. She went off and left him holding all the children (he has NEVER looked after mine alone let alone someone elses as well!)A couple of the children are under 2! I'm sorry but is someone going to be neglected here?????!!! It is their first introduction and I was told by mine they were kissing and he was holding her baby lots etc - who was holding mine?

I'm sorry but am I wrong in thinking he should be spending quality time building a relationship with his own kids before he starts "having to share his attention" entertaining them with someone elses?

Please tell me I have some legal rights as a mother and what they are? Any advice would be appreciated.

mistressmiggins Sun 21-May-06 19:58:50

I dont know exactly what your rights are BUT contact is all about the children & not you or your ex.
Therefore if you think it will harm the children, you can say no.
I have a book called "helping children cope with divorce" and it says how important it is to do things slowly

it sucks doesnt it

singledadofthree Sun 21-May-06 23:15:47

am not suprised there's not a lot of comments here as i dont think your rights as a parent have much to do with what your ex gets up to - sorry. had the same experiences with mine - many times - just learnt to ignore it. the kids soon accepted the fact that their mum got thru a lot of fellas. i met a few of them now and then and would only have been concerned if i thought my kids - i have 2 dd's were in any sort of risk. otherwise i didnt say much to her - or about her - parental abilities.
if you believe your kids are put in any kind of danger or neglect then you'll have to say something to him about contact. i know i'm not sounding very comforting here and it hurts like hell getting used to the idea of someone else playing 'happy families' but i promise it does get easier.
i too used to hate letting them go, but they need the chance to get to know their other parent - is better to give them the opportunity even if he proves to be a waste of time than to deny them in any way. its up to your ex to show them how important they are to him, you are already doing that by giving them a stable home with a loving, full time mother. hope things get better soon - take care.

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