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Here we go!

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ladyjadey Wed 08-May-13 22:49:59

Ok, so I did it. Csa contacted, DNA done at ex insistence.
Proven to be the biological parent(struggle to use word father)

No contact from ex since dd was 4 days old, now nearly 3.

At the threat of financial loss, I can only assume, and not through his need to see the dd he denied was his, he has un-blocked me on Facebook and now issues demands for contact and to be added to birth cert.

I know he cannot just be added to b.c, he will have to apply to court for p.r.

He also said he has asked csa to pass on his contact details to me. I can't imagine they would do this?!?

I have elected not to engage in dialogue with him. I have not blocked him from contacting me either.

I plan to see a solicitor to get some advice around p.r, contact and access although what I believe he really wants is to come to an arrangement where he pays as little as possible. I have reason to believe he went on to have another baby after our dd, and his elder dd from a prior relationship. I think he cannot afford legal advice or court. I think he is sending me these messages to manipulate.

What do my fellow mums think?

Bossybritches22 Thu 09-May-13 07:34:58

Access is for the benefit of the child, and unrelated to maintenance.

Your DD has a right to know who her father is & if he is trying to get in touch then maybe it is the time to help facilitate this.

Could you arrange some discussion via a mediator so you don't habe to handle this alone?

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