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Ridiculous thread/rant sorry (fb involved warning)

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ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Fri 03-May-13 10:35:52

Just wanted to get this out so that I can move past this stupid feeling.

X has been a complete pain lately, he didn't pay CS on time, has changed his visiting arrangements, forgot DS' hospital appt etc, I am very angry with him.

Anyway, I have recently (past 2 days) had a woman I do not know 'liking' my photos of DS on fb. I contacted her and she has said it is because she is friends with X that she can see them. I am NOT friends with him on there and have now double checked and removed any tags of him on pictures of DS.

I hate the thought of the 'new woman' having seen these photos, it really upset me. So stupid I know, and nothing has happened. I guess I'm angry and sad that he has moved on so quickly whilst I'm still picking up the pieces of his affairs. I have never had such intense feelings of hatred towards someone and I don't like it in myself, I am not like this.

Rant over.

keelyboo Fri 03-May-13 11:10:56

I think you have done the best thing by ranting on here you admitted yourself its silly, though i dont think its silly as such probably a normal in the moment feeling and we cant help how things make us feel (i raged like a loon to my mum when ex took his gf of a few months to collect the girls from school i knew really it made no difference if she did but i HATED it)

It passes or at least it has for me though i had to give myself a good talking to lol, it gets easier but rant away on here/to a friend because bottling it up wont help and really if you let it all out to him or her you will only end up looking daft so for what its worth i think youve handled it ok.

Its very difficult when ex gets a new woman in their life, youl feel all sorts about it for a while, but i found the best thing for me was to not think about her at all and i wasnt jealous me and ex had split up for years before he met her (my doing aswell i didnt love him anymore) its just hard no matter when it comes

ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Fri 03-May-13 11:17:19

Thank you, I can't imagine how I'd react if he started letting women see DS, you're right though, you can't say anything to them as it makes you look daft.

I threw him out almost 6 months ago and I know now (how I wish I'd known before) he has form for thinking with his nether regions.

DS is only 2 and the thought of another woman playing mummy to him kills me.

I do have wonderful support IRL but it's great to be able to get it out here anonymously. It's so true about the opposite of love being indifference, I wish I could feel that way about him.

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