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He hasn't been in touch so what next ??

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nutcracker Thu 18-May-06 12:24:26

Xp hasn't been in touch since the incident on sunday and i'm not sure what to do now.

It is important to me that the kids see their dad but he obviously doesn't care.

Do i ring him and see if he is planning on seeing them or leave it and see ???

The kids havn't said anything but they must be so hurt that he hasn't even rung them.

Bugsy2 Thu 18-May-06 12:31:52

He was so out of order, I would leave it for now. If he still hasn't made any contact at all after 10 days, think again.
First of all, he owes all of you an apology, I would definitely leave it longer Nutcracker.

nutcracker Thu 18-May-06 12:51:46

Ok will do, thankyou, it's nice to be able to ask someone else opinion.

bluejelly Thu 18-May-06 12:58:15

Agree, it's up to him to make the effort.

Bugsy2 Tue 23-May-06 12:55:42

Nutcracker, has he been in touch yet? How are things?

anorak Tue 23-May-06 12:58:37

I know it's tempting to call him and try to build bridges because you are a nice person and you're thinking of the kids. The trouble is, if you do, he will think he can have these tantrums anytime the mood takes him. If you leave it he will have to approach you, and mend what he broke.

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