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RELAXING summer holiday ideas please

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HaventGotAStitchToWear Tue 30-Apr-13 08:17:13

No idea what to do for summer holidays! Need to relax. Just me, 3 y.o and 6 y.o.

Staying with friends or family might be good or might be stressful!

B&B near the coast could be good for beach fun...

There's a music festival that's kid friendly near me but went last year with not enough friends and was HARD WORK!

Maybe should forget about it and just do day trips, dinners, treat massages, little parties at home and nights out...

Any tips from experienced single parents?

Would be really appreciated as I'm new to this!


HaventGotAStitchToWear Tue 30-Apr-13 08:17:58

*Please ignore that 'Or' at the bottom. Typo!

HaventGotAStitchToWear Tue 30-Apr-13 08:19:23

P.S Butlins etc. and theme parks aren't really my thing!

babyseal Tue 30-Apr-13 13:05:53

Butlins etc isn't really my thing either, but I think I may have struck middle ground between the kids needs and mine and have just booked a caravan holiday on a park with indoor swimming pool, adventure playground, 200m from the beach, but minimal "entertainment". I am thinking that my dc may be bored and clingy, especially if the weather is bad, if there are not other children to run around with and make friends with, and bored and clingy children will not a relaxing break for Mum make!

I think a b and b might be hard work if the weather is bad, as you will have to stay out all day in the rain if it does rain, or is cold. Also, you will probably be sat in a darkened room all evening being quiet as a mouse once the children are asleep. With a caravan at least you have a base you can use all day, with separate rooms, so you can relax in the evenings once kids are in bed.

I went to stay in a Youth Hostel with the kids at Easter, and asked for a room next to the lounge. This meant that once they were asleep at night I could take a baby monitor into the lounge and have a glass of wine and read the paper.

HTH smile

HaventGotAStitchToWear Tue 30-Apr-13 21:15:25

Thanks for that Babyseal! The caravan park sounds good and that might be a great option for us :-)

Would appreciate any other points of view. Anybody braved camping with 2 kids on their own? Or a festival?

The Youth Hostel is a great one too for meeting people casually if I'm not doing something with friends.

Would like to see if some friends wanted to club together & do something but I have very few friends with kids! And sometimes friends without kids DO NOT want to spend any time around children :-(

babyseal Tue 30-Apr-13 21:48:12

It is me again, but have you checked out the website They do group holidays for single parents. I haven't used them yet but was really tempted to book one of their holidays this year, but the only one I could afford was a week we can't do. I know other people on this board have used them and have heard good things.

HaventGotAStitchToWear Wed 01-May-13 10:54:35

Thanks for the tip! Will check it out! :-)

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