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just gobsmacked

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keelyboo Sun 28-Apr-13 21:27:43

dd's have been to their dads this weekend, within seconds of coming home dd (9) said "grandmas going to stop you paying your rent if you stop daddy seeing us"

Ive NEVER said he cant see them ive always been happy to rearrange contact to suit allowed extra days etc, i think hes told her he doesnt see ds now because i wont let him (which isnt the case)

ive reassured dd that rent will be paid regardless and it was very wrong of them to have that discussion in front of her, and given ex absolute hell, but ive been left feeling totally drained yet again theyve come home sad confused and exhausted from trying to sleep on a double blow up bed (sharing it) that keeps going down so they wake up 2,3,4 times a night on the floor

dd was very upset by what was said and it took me an hour to calm her down and reassure her, dd (7) was equally upset over things that happened this weekend, we will now have two lovely weeks before it happens again, they asked for more contact so spoke to him tonight about increasing it and it was met with total silence hes just not interested, makes me so sad

betterthanever Sun 28-Apr-13 21:44:17

keely I am so sorry to hear this has happened. As a mum it is never nice when your DC are upset about anything.
How could she stop you paying your rent anyway? Could it have been a remark they misunderstood? how long have you been apart, is this a new arrangement the DC may still be worrying about in general?
The blow up bed issue is a different one and maybe your DC were shattered and misheard/misinterpreted?
Please try not to worry for tonight, they are with you and comfortable. Have a good think through it all and I am sure people will come on here with better advice than me.

keelyboo Mon 29-Apr-13 11:45:34

well i claim housing i suspect if she rang to say bf was living here they could stop payments while they look into it (happened to a friend) he isnt living here stays over the odd night but thats it but i imagine she would be thinking along those lines.
He admitted the conversation happened but only apologised for the fact dc heard it!

thank you though, its so hard them coming home every time telling me they arent happy, they only keep going cos i jolly them along excuse his behaviour etc because they do need to keep seeing him its just sad hes not interested in them

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