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settling new partner with children

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starwarsmum Wed 24-Apr-13 22:50:39

I've been a single mum for a year or so. I have a 7year old DS. I have just got together with a lovely friend who I have known for ages. I have not been with anyone else since my husband and I separated.

I am trying to think to ways to sensitively introduce my new potential partner to my son. They already know each other a bit, and relate well. But its quite a big deal for a new person to be in this role. So far I'm thinking we will spend time with my 'friend' without announcing anything, and give them the chance to have some fun times together before saying anything, to make it more likely that DS will accept new partner.

Has anyone else navigated this? Any advice welcome.

rainbowslollipops Fri 26-Apr-13 06:04:09

Your idea seems fine to me. With my OH & dd I invited him round for dinner and we played games and with Dds Lego. (dd is 6) It worked quite well and Tbh I can't remember what I did next to see if they liked Eachother because it all slipped into place nicely. I dont think there's a lot you can do other than arrange the days. Good luck!

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