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blazing row

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channy54321 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:36:12

sorry it's long,me and my 18 yr old son,just had a row iv been on at him to try and get a part Time job as well as his college,but apart from that me and his grandma paid out to get him a bike to help him lose weight,and to help save on bus fayre....he's only ridden it 4 times since he's had it to his girlfriends and back,now he's complaining that he's out of breath and in pain when he rides it,so iv made a appointment at the docs for the morning,,,,we don't seem to talk anymore I just feel like im on his back all the time,,he was of course expecting a lift from me but we ended up rowing and he called me,because I said grandad will be so proud because he was swearing,he threw and smashed my laptop charger,and I threw 20 quid at him for his bus fayre and haircut,and told him not to come back tonight,after him sayin he effing hates me and im a I?sad he says my daughter's my favourite,shes autistic and I do rally around after her,but I feel iv done that with my sin too,but now he's 18 im just trying to teach him to help himself and I will gladly help him am I being unfair,now I feel bad

queenofthepirates Mon 22-Apr-13 18:48:01

sounds like a normal teenager and the only advice I can suggest is to pick your battles carefully to save yourself stress. From memory, nothing you can do will be right x

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