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Not seeing ds

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keelyboo Wed 17-Apr-13 13:10:38

god me again im sorry sad
ive probs said before ds is not ex's short split and ds was unplanned pregnancy. hes brought ds up as his own since day 1.
We had a talk today about the girls and how they are not happy and maybe he could slow things down give them a chance to get used to the gf, 6 not even full days spent in her presence does not a relationship make and they are feeling bewildered and unhappy.

He denied everything that the girls have said to me, said im projecting my own issues onto them, explained im not i have done everything in my power to reassure them since sunday and the only reason dd2 is going tonight is because ive spent that time dealing with problems he has caused.

His solution to them being unhappy? not to take ds anymore because he is clingy and wont let him do anything with the girls, weirdly this was not even an issue until i mentioned they are struggling with having spend time with just him to suddenly no time alone with him no explanation no reassurances (bar the ones i give them when i can). So its all ds's fault and the only solution he can think is not to take him, and regards to how they are feeling over the rapid move "its happening they will have to get a grip and get over it" yes cos thats how children deal with things

hurting for ds (although hes 2 he will be ok right?) and worried for the girls that he cant seem to find a way to emotionally support them through whats going on in their lives

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