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Limited Company Director

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Jogrighton Fri 12-Apr-13 14:34:00


I have two children 9 and 16mnths both from diff fathers (shame on me) and remain a SP.

Exp1 has a job earns approx 26k but co-runs a pub as well which he denies to csa - yet he cannot have his son every weekend (like he used to) and nights in the week now because he works in the pub (had it for just over a year). Exp1 is down in Companies House as director of the mate he co-runs it withs limited freight business (hope it makes sense).

Exp2 is self-employed but in the last week started his own limited company and is the director.

My question is it something to worry about?

I know I am lucky as they do pay csa but it just about covers my childcare (I work fulltime and live with my mum).


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