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Best classes and outdoor activities for 7month old Daughter?

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mummysbigsmiles Fri 12-Apr-13 00:20:51

My daughter is 7mnths and I would like to know what baby classes are best? And what outdoor activities are good ?

sleepythegiraffe Fri 12-Apr-13 05:04:55

We loved mum and baby yoga at that age, gentle exercise for you, movement and songs for them. Also check out your local sure start centre, they often have baby classes. As the weather gets better just sitting out in the garden/park is fun for them - especially underneath a big tree so they can watch the leaves.

alwayslateforwork Fri 12-Apr-13 05:39:29

Baby classes? Outdoor activities? Seven months?

Coffee morning - child on a blanket.
Garden - child on a blanket.
Park - child on a blanket.

Dog walking - child in a backpack.

Later on you can lose the blanket and let them eat the grass. Ad later still you can lose the backpack and make them walk.

Then maybe tumble tots or something.


At 7 mos, really it's for your benefit, not the baby. So what do you want to do? It'll mean Nowt to her. She needs you to be relaxed and happy, and if that means sitting in a circle trilling rhymes, then that's your choice. You don't need to do it for her sake. You can sit at home and shake a tambourine.

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