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Moving out...where to go and how to afford it!

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Numbthumbs Sun 07-Apr-13 14:50:44

Me and P are splittling, he is staying in house as its rented in his name and i cant afford it and im moving out. We have 2 DC aged 21 months and 10 weeks.
Problem is i have no money. Im back at work already after a ridiculously short mat leave caused by twat P making snide remarks about me not working but my wages only cover the childcare. I am wondering how other people have managed? I dont want to quit my job, i need it for my sanity!

I can move back in with my wonderful parents but how does that work with tax credits? I desperatly want to rent somewhere small in my own name with the DC's but i will need to save a deposit etc in order to do this......if i move in with them will i have to declare their income? I definately dont want to drag them into this any more than i have to.


ThePskettiIncident Sun 07-Apr-13 14:58:26

A few things. Firstly, just go straight to your parents as a temporary measure if you'll all be ok together.

Then get on the local housing register ASAP. Talk to your local housing advisor - they can give you advice on council housing, private rent and everything else to do with benefits and support available.

Housing register is by assessment of need and you'll get a banding (most likely 1 or 2 based on what you've put here) and then you log on to the housing choice website weekly nd bid for a house.

If you need help with a deposit, your council may also be able to help.

As a lone parent you will get increased tax credits nd they shouldn't be affected by you living with your folks. Ask the council housing advisor about housing benefit etc if you need to give your parents rent or for your future accom. It depends on your income.

Good luck to you

Numbthumbs Sun 07-Apr-13 15:07:58

Thanks, its all very confusing.
I would much rather get a private rent as there are some lovely flats around by my parents but i need to know how much financial help i could get. I really never thought i would be in this situation and im so upset about it all. I will have to get on the phone tomorrow.

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