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lying ex!!! AArgh!!

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sailingmummy Sat 06-Apr-13 22:57:07

I'm spitting tonight and need a rant...sorry!!

Last weekend my 'soon to be ex' husband could not come and vist the children as 'he was working' (very suspicious whether he actually as or not....). Anyway, today he came over for the day, and then made excuses why he couldnt sty to read them their bedtime story.....that he had to go back to his parents as they were away for the day, to let the dog out....blah blah..

Anyway, I couldnt find some of the childrens things and so rang him at his parents to ask him where he had put their stuff. His mum said that he wasn't coming back to theirs tonight and there was no need to let their dog out as they had been with the dog all day! It turns out he is with a friend - I do know this friend - they have known each other since birth, but have always thought that she had a thing for him!

I honestly do not care whether they are getting together, or are just friends or whatever - I pity any woman stupid enough to fall for his talk and lies like I did. But what i mind is that he lied to me, and this also affected our childrens time with him...they missed out on him reading a story, so that he could go and have a social life whilst I am stuck at home being a single parent!

If he had just said that he was going out tonight and couldnt read the story tonight It honestly wouldnt have bothered me, but I cannot understand why he has to make up these elaborate stories and lie all the time instead of just telling the truth..

Im SOOO glad I'm divorcing him (he was tarting about on the internet and dating sites/ chatrooms)...I can't wait till my decree nisi comes though in the next couple of weeks..

Rant over....

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sun 07-Apr-13 14:12:16

Hopefully he'll feel a twit when he realises you rang his parents' house. Annoying when the default option is lie or fib to avoid comment or adverse reaction. Being the resident parent is full on and it must grate when their dad weasels out of commitments, however, ultimately, it's his loss.

I know you're not fussed about him dating, and either it's a fledgling relationship and will never amount to much or she'll make a go of it with your ex. What a prize! Rise above it or he'll get the wrong end of the stick and flatter himself you're jealous.

sailingmummy Sun 07-Apr-13 22:30:44

thanks Donkeys!!! I like your comment 'what a prize'!!! Thats exactly how I feel! I am not feeling remotely jealous or anything if he has started something....good luck to them - they will soon realised he is all talk and lies and crap at managing money etc....

I was / am just fed up with him lying about something so silly...why should my children miss out on bedtime stories. As I said yesterday, I don't mind if he goes out..he is entitled to a life, but what I mind is the lying.

He was legitimately going to his parents today...hopefully he got a real earful ;)

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