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Will this work better than court order that's not worth paper it's printed on....??

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Kellstar83 Tue 02-Apr-13 21:25:39

Hi ladies
I have 2 children and there is a court order In place thy my ex is supposed to have them every other weekend ( he rarely does as always something better to do like drinking!)
He's not allowed to touch a drop of alcohol while kids in his care ( which he blatantly ignores )
And it also states that when he has them for a week in school holidays he is not allowed to leave the country with them ( as has threatened to not bring them back previously) kids don't have passports ( that I know of!) am wondering if I apply for passports for them then does that stop him being able to and give me the peace of mind that they can't leave the country without my knowledge ??? Or can he just cancel the ones I get and get new ones??? Also can I find out from anywhere if passports have been applied for in thier names???
Any advice appreciated smile
Thanks x

Fleecyslippers Tue 02-Apr-13 21:32:37

You can apply for passports and AFAIK the details of the court order can be included with the application so presumably are the put unto the passports themselves?

If you just got passports without the details, then presumably he could just say the passports were lost and could apply for new ones.

kittycat68 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:05:47

Op write to the passport office! You can ask if a paasport has been issued and also ask them to notify you if a passport application is made. If you do this stating that you fear abudction they will put in stricter measures before allowing passports to the children and contact you before issuing a passport. Also that you hold the passports so if he applys for them stating they have been lost this will not be true.
However he can apply for passports if there is no court order restricting him. If He does apply for passorts without your knowledge you can get a phohibited steps order at court but you have to have a valid reason for this.

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