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cheap food to get buy on on a tight budget

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metimeatlast Sun 31-Mar-13 12:24:26

hi,not sure if this type of thread has been done before, but was wondering if anybody would like to create a list along the way of things that are cheap in the shops most of the time? please dont put negative comments next to what others write though, as when things are tight we are all just in the same boat trying to afford a weeks shopping to feed the family and make money get enough to last
my list isnt big, but will add to it as i go along, many thanks to anybody who contributes smile

aldi 10 slices ham 59p
asda gravy granules 20p
morrisons cat litter 1.58
morrisons cordial 1 litre 24p
farm foods milk 2x 2 litres 1.60
poundland colgate toothpaste 3 for 2.00
wilkinsons ladies deoderant (Blossom ) 79p
farmfoods frozen veg 3x 750g veg (lots of choice) 2.00

PeachActiviaMinge Sun 31-Mar-13 13:36:56

Value stuffing is 13p in a lot of shops smile You could add a couple of cheap sausages to this and make a meatloaf type dish.

Everything for under £1 in Tesco. You could change it to ASDA or Sainsburys as needed.

HeySoulSister Sun 31-Mar-13 14:03:01

Lidl 10 eggs 85p
Lidl ham 10 slices 59p
Lidl cottage cheese 49p

Hanginbyathread Sun 31-Mar-13 15:01:54

Rice pudding is 15p a tin from Sainsbos.

Thanks for the link Peach. I didn't know you could search mySupermarket like that.

Fleecyslippers Sun 31-Mar-13 17:04:03

Value brand Tesco tinned tomatoes, orange juice, biscuits, fromage frais, eggs.

Chandras Mon 01-Apr-13 12:35:59

I find Aldi is a good unepensive place for vegetables.

metimeatlast Tue 02-Apr-13 20:30:37

sorry to post and run, was away for a couple of days, thankyou all for your replies, i hope that the info that we have provided xan be of use to somebody??
again, thanks smile

sanityseeker75 Wed 03-Apr-13 12:38:53

Invest in a slow cooker - can get them quite cheap from Tesco etc.

Any cheap meat tastes better and the casserole mix (frozen or fresh) bulks it up - if you fill it then can make tea one night a freeze rest for later in the week or for following week.
Also you can cook a whole joint of meat in it and potatoes etc. Then next day turn left over meat into hotpot or stew.

I always used to buy massive bag of potatoes, Cheese beans and tray of eggs so we could have cheese and potato pie and beans one night, egg chips beans the next etc.

I know it is boring but also do a meal planner before you shop that way you can decide what you need in advance and if you do it on line you can check where is cheapest!

I know that this isn't really in line with what you posted as such, but hope the ideas help anyway smile

metimeatlast Wed 03-Apr-13 14:56:07

sanity ANY info that can help another person is always of use imho, so thankyou for posting.
farmfoods 7kg potatoes £3 ! thats very cheap!, its one of those items that has gone through the roof in price due to poor weather and crops, but in even a small family a normal bag of 2.5kg doesnt last the week, and im all for trying to shop as few times a week as possible.
Sad i know but stuck on the inside of my cupboard there is a list which looks something like this:

pasta bake
macaroni cheese
pasta salad
spag bol


Etc, also on the list the other headings are sausages, mince, beef, random meals.
Personally i think its a bit daft, but being a chef, the one think i generally dont like to do is think what meal im going to cook, i often have plenty of food in, yet open my cupboards fridge etc and think, oh hell its time to cook for them again! they always want feeding lol. so i thought that the easiest thing to do was produce the list to prevent having to try and think in between muuuummy muuuummy and "wheres my scout uniform" "have you seen my shoes" etc etc grin

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