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how difficult was it to find part time work as a single parent?

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Samantha1986 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:02:26

Hi I'm a single parent of 2, I'm looking for part-time work but struggling to find anything that fits in with childcare hours! How difficult did you find it looking for work? And did you have an troubles being a single parent? Did you get turned down for jobs because you are a parent? Tia.

STIDW Sat 23-Mar-13 18:07:26

It's a few years now but I was an engineer and it was impossible to find work to fit around children so I worked freelance instead.

AllDirections Sat 23-Mar-13 18:12:52

Finding part time work has never been a problem but I've rarely managed to get those hours to be in school hours. Most of us use childcare to cover the hours outside of school/school holidays.

I don't tell prospective employers about my private life so I haven't been turned down for a job because I'm a parent.

colditz Sat 23-Mar-13 18:14:17

I find it genuinely impossible. Shop work always involves weekends, care work involves shifts, ditto pub and restaurant work. Cleaning is early mornings before school clubs open. Factories are never part time.

Samantha1986 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:17:37

I've looked into a day nursery for my youngest and breakfast, after school & holiday clubs for my eldest but most jobs seem to say must be flexible and able to work weekends which I think they are just aiming for those who don't have children as there isn't any childcare that can be massively flexible and certainly can't find any open at weekends confused

Meglet Sat 23-Mar-13 18:20:41

I never stopped working, I'm an administrator. But when I needed to change my job (previous job had relocated and I couldn't cope with the commute) then I applied for 2 jobs and was offered both of them.

In my covering letter with my CV I did tell both potential employers I had small children and my family support me with childcare, I still got interviewed by both of them. I didn't want the stress of getting job then having a new boss realise I was a LP and might need more flexibility with hours if the kids were sick. They knew all that up front and still decided I was the best candidate smile.

I don't work school hours though, I use after school club and my mum for school hols.

Samantha1986 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:26:58

That's brilliant, I hope when I find a job with suitable hours it will be that simple too, I so badly want to get back to work but weekends will be far too difficult as I have no help what so ever and have to rely on childcare opening times etc. I'm looking at all types of work, I'm not fussy I just want my independence & respect back! Also I have no friends where I am and don't see anyone during the week so need it for my & the kids sanity as well!

Meglet Sat 23-Mar-13 18:35:02

Could do you some office temping (basic admin / data entry) to get up to speed. I have to say I find working in an office easier logistically than when I was also in retail.

Have you found the education vacancies webpage for your county? I know Hampshire has one with all the school jobs listed on it, I assume most councils will have one.

AllDirections Sat 23-Mar-13 18:41:12

I can't work weekends and I can't do flexible hours unless they're in school hours (all 3 DC at school now). I could do an occasional evening because DC1 is 16 and can babysit but I wouldn't expect her to help out regularly.

Just keep looking OP, hope it all works out for you.

Evo26 Mon 01-Apr-13 18:47:20

Hi, I am feeling so angry and resentful yet trying to be grateful.
Divorced and still not have come to terms with it. My ex- husband left me and my daughter. I was suffering from depression and other health issues. Have managed to pull myslelf back with counselling help.

I then meet a second partner who is psychologically,emotionally,physically and financially abusive. I got out of that eventually but I nearly had a nervous breakdown and its had an impact on my daughter.

I am now wrong side of 40 suffering with anxiety, parents not living, no family, living in a strange town with no friends and no job. I am trying to find work but I am so ashamed of who I am I am struggling with pulling myself up again.

I am a genuine, caring, kind and well meaning person who has now no confidence and does not trust men easily. I dread a future of poverty and want to work and get my self respect back. I also don't get this its great to be a single woman living on your own when I don't want to be on my own!

I am lonely and struggling. Help with getting a cv together would be great!

girliefriend Mon 01-Apr-13 20:57:21

Hi I work 3 days a week normally mon, tues and wed and I have to do 1 day of a wend every 5th wend. I use a combination of childminder, breakfast club and my mum!!

It works fine, the biggest problem I have is if my dd is ill or something then employer not very sympathetic at all.

It can be done though.

girliefriend Mon 01-Apr-13 20:57:52

Og forgot to say I work 9-5.

MooMooSkit Mon 01-Apr-13 21:13:48

Hiya I have never really had any trouble tbh. I did care work for a while which I did find more difficult as they expected me to do night works and things so I just work in a local supermarket now and the hours are quite good, I do tuesdays 10 - 2pm, thurs 130 - 530pm, fri - 2 - 6pm, saturday 7am - 11. For the weekdays he just goes to nursery and saturdays it's quite easy to get someone family/friend to watch him as tbh he is in bed till 9am on saturdays so its literally just making him brekkie and sticking cbeebies on! I find the supermarket i work for are also quite flexible if you need to do shift swaps etc for appointments etc or making up time to so might be an option to consider.

Cakethrow Mon 01-Apr-13 21:14:19

I'm really lucky because my job is pretty flexible. (Thankfully as no family nearby)

I usually work 21 hours a week and can divide that up as I choose (mornings/afternoons/full days) If I miss hours one day/week (like when DC are ill) I can make it up another time that month. I redress the balance by being flexible with meetings etc that fall on my non working days. I also have a good flexible arrangement with the DC's nursery!

Not sure what I'll do when DD starts school in September and i go back to work in February (work is an hour's drive or 50 minute train/bus commute)

I'm thinking of reducing my hours to 16 and doing them over 5 days so I can pick her up/drop her off and put the other two into nursery :-S I don't even want to think about during school holidays!

It's so complicated!

As for being turned down for jobs, I never have been (I was pregnant when I got this job, too) - you don't have to tell them you're a parent and certainly not a single parent, it's none of their business! (Not sure if it's even legal for them to ask)

Best of luck!

queenofthepirates Mon 01-Apr-13 21:32:24

I do three days a week with my employer, one or two of which are from home with VOIP and a laptop. It works marvellously well for both of us.

I also teach several evenings a week, sewing, knitting and crochet to private clients and run an ebay shop. My thinking is I want to have several variable streams of income so that if I got ill, I would still have money coming in through one of my streams, cushioning us financially. It works for me!

3MonthMaid Mon 01-Apr-13 22:52:57

I work 2 full days a week, I use after school club and am lucky enough to work close enough to school to drop off and still get to work for 9.

When DC is ill it's tricky but my boss lets me do a different day usually. Holidays are covered by a combination of taking leave, making ex take leave and clubs...

Mum moving near so that'll make a huge difference.

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