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One of those rubbish days.

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betterthanever Thu 07-Mar-13 19:10:45

Hey Lone - it sounds like you do an amazing job as a boss and a lone parent. The one getting married has it all to come.... the thing is the staff will just see it as, it's your business and they are working harder for nothing. Maybe get a pizza in for lunch or offer a meal out when things settled.

happyatlast Wed 06-Mar-13 12:43:20

I've just come on here to moan cos there was no one else too!! xxx Sometimes its really shit isnt it. :-( I hope things improve.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 06-Mar-13 11:45:00

It's just one of those rubbish days when as an LP you have no one else to moan to apart from MN.
Got a hospital appointment tomorrow for a breast lump so feel crap about that have had biopsy which is no cancer, but they still want to do something about it.
As so of you know I run my own business with several staff and a key employee had a family bereavement in the night. She is a great employee and I will move hell and high water to make this time easier for her, but just worn down by the lack of empathy from a few other members of staff moaning about being asked (not told) to work an extra hour - I am the one cancelling loads of stuff and working the main bulk of the extra. I will attempt to be the one who does the extra for the time she needs for the funeral, but I can't do everything so may need to ask for their moany help then. The most annoying bit is that the moaniest person is getting married in the summer and myself and this key member of staff have made lots of rota changes to accommodate this event -rota was published before wedding was booked.
DD not with me tonight so can't give her a cuddle and it's bill day today so all the money has just left the bank account.
And there is no one else to moan at.

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