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Oh so tired!

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ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Wed 06-Mar-13 22:06:00

<offers a hand to hold>

I feel your pain! DS is also 2 and has so much energy it it wearing me out. I am so tired I feel as if I could sleep at any given opportunity and it's the relentlessness of it all, knowing that tomorrow will be the same etc.

If you are seriously shattered then I recommend seeing your GP, I'm off for a blood test tomorrow for anaemia etc, it may be that you need to look after yourself more and maybe up your vitamin intake via food or pills.

I let ds CIO last night as I had so much to do and I knew he was fine. It took about 20 mins but he did settle and seemed fine this morning. I don't normally do this but there are times when I just have to.

Do you have anyone that could help out by looking after ds in the daytime for a few hours so you can have a break? Sounds like you need it, we're all human and we all need a rest now and then!

leelteloo Fri 01-Mar-13 16:04:50

Yep, it's the luck of the draw. My 2nd is 5 months old and goes 7 to 7 and its the older one who still has me up in the night. I've done nothing different. I used to look at everyone else who's children used to sleep with envy and feel like I must being doing something wrong. Since I had ds I now know its just luck!
Sounds like you've tried a lot of things and I really feel for you having to work a 40 hour week on no sleep; no wonder you are finding things hard.
I really really hope you get some rest soon.

Nate3511 Fri 01-Mar-13 14:53:46

as part of his bedtime routine he still gets a bottle with a bit of cereal to thicken it and fill him.

i've tried a few things..
a small cup of camomile tea before bed;
when he wakes (I use that term lightly because his eyes are almost always closed and he doesn't respond to me when I speak) I tried letting him "cry it out" to go back to sleep;
rock/pat/sing back to sleep;
but he still wakes back up, some times instantly, other times after a few hours.
Skipping nap time doesn't make a difference either.

Lately I've been so tired that I even tried letting him sleep in bed with me, figuring he just needed company..every few hours he would thrash around as if unable to get comfortable and whine/complain till i rocked/patted him back to sleep... rinse and repeat.

He is in day care (since August of 2012), sadly I'm at work (40hrs/week) for the entire time that they daycare is open, so no option of rest/sleep during the day.

my sister and best friend coincidentally had kids within months of mine.. neither of their little ones seem to have any issue with sleep like mine sad. my best friend was super lucky and got a new born that slept 12 hours uninterrupted from day 1 envy!

FYI - When I tried the "cry it out" thing (which i absolutely hate, but it's how I got him into the sleep routine the first time round a year ago) he cried for so long and kept climbing out of his crib; after the 100th time of putting him back I got fed up and told him fine if you don't want to sleep in your crib just go lie on the couch cause mommy needs to sleep.... since then, he wakes up at some point in the night and wants to go on the couch.
I wouldn't have thought that one comment could start a habit like this, so I don't know if it's coincidence, or if something scares him in his bedroom, or what..

leelteloo Fri 01-Mar-13 13:48:23

2 year olds are relentless and when they don't sleep as well it can be completely exhausting. I really empathise with you. I am sure you are doing a great job despite feeling worn out. What things have you tried to get him to sleep for longer periods? My dd used to wake 4-5-6 times a night until she was 3 & half(yawn). I gave her a story cd to listen to at bed time, which helped. Always the same story and I would turn it on again to settle her if she woke up. I put ticking clock under the bed. I got black out blinds. Warm milk and a banana just before bed. Slept in with her when i was so tired I could no longer function. I did what ever I could to get sleep at night and then I could handle the daytime.
What about nursery or preschool? Then you could get some rest. Dd started 2 mornings when she was 2 and I used the time to sleep.

Nate3511 Fri 01-Mar-13 13:25:51

I have a 2yo son who is absolutely amazing, full of life and an overall happy kid. I've never met a kid who is as active and energetic as my little one.. I don't know how he does it all day long smile

I've been on my own since my first trimester, so I'm used to doing everything myself.. I'm blessed to have parents who live close and are super supportive and helpful.
Unfortunately, my son is not sleeping well anymore, so I don't dare ask that they watch him over night - last time they did he slept in 20 minute intervals blush.

I love my son, I really do. But I'm wearing down here.. Not sure if it's the lack of sleep or the stress of everything baby 24/7. Every day I have this nagging voice in my head telling me I'm not cut out to be a mum. I miss my freedom, my friends, my peace and quiet sad. And just saying all of that makes me feel even worse...

Any words of wisdom out there

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