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parental right...brief 3 month!

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queenofthepirates Fri 01-Mar-13 19:31:55

Hi sweetie
I'm not quite clear if you've had baby yet-are you still pregnant?

If you've already had baby, is Dad on the birth certificate? If not, well he'll have to prove he's the father which would rather mean you'd need to co-operate to prove this.

If you're worried, lay low and leave any big decisions about parentage and parenting until you have had lots of time to think clearly and without the pregnancy hormones. Just now, baby doesn't 'need' Dad around emotionally, it's more about you and what you need. If Dad is going to cause you to be stressed and vulnerable then try and keep him at arm's length until you're ready to cope with all this.

Yes, I have been in your shoes and chose to keep Dad out of the picture. He was a reluctant parent and I chose not to pursue him and we're just fine. I do rely heavily on my parents and partner for help in an emergency but we by and large, do just fine. I don't think having my DD's father in her life would be beneficial for anyone.

katyo88 Fri 01-Mar-13 11:36:46

i was in a relationship (if you can call it that) for 3 months that resulted in pregnancy we split when it became clear he wasn't that nice a guy and i haven't heard from him since. i know hes the kind of guy that will eventually rock up and try play super dad i'm not willing to let this happen i was due yesterday and i'm really anxious about what he can do if anything. anyone had similar experiences?i haven't actually heard from him so its making it worse the not knowing.

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