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why is a compliance officer coming for home visit?!

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katieNbump Thu 28-Feb-13 18:53:03

i received a letter today sayin a compliance officer will be visiting me at home on such and such date between 9-3 and they cant specify a time, i need to have a passport or driving license for identification and if i have ay changes to report i should phone bla bla number?! what?! funnily enough my ex partner got the same letter today to his address at his mums?!
he doesnt licve with us, he pays her rent to stay there, but tbh hes here alot seeing the kids. i live in a tower block in which he has friends so hes in the area alot too!
i dont understand why they would come out,
i had this last year too and they came out asked me if i had any changes then left?
whats going on please helpme im so paranoid im gunna be left with no money when theyv been and its really upsetting me :'( sad

katieNbump Thu 28-Feb-13 20:53:33

the letter doesnt say theres a cncern with my claim just says to discuss my claim. most ppl have writeen on forums that theres say a concern :s i no tbh i wish i neever met them sad

coribells Thu 28-Feb-13 21:02:46

I had an investigation from tax credits, because my ex had some credit accounts still connected to this address. My flat is in both our names ( we own it) we are separated not divorced, he also he here several times a week at least 3-4 times . where he live is not suitable for the kids to visit, it's not ideal but it's the situation we shave to manage so he can see th boys. I explained everything to that tax credits. I even told them that he stays over occasionally ( sleeps in my sons room) and they were ok with this . especially when I explained we were never ever getting back together. ;)

lubeybooby Thu 28-Feb-13 21:06:29

OP sod the exact wording of the letter you need to prove he is living at his mums or you are going to be hauled over the coals for benefit fraud.

as it stands at the moment, you are potentially in big trouble.

Simple as that.

Please get some support in getting him OFF your tenancy and credit record with all the claims at your address.

Any money he gives you needs to be in with the maintenance for the children and declared, and confirmed in writing by him and possibly with bank statements too.

Babyroobs Thu 28-Feb-13 22:00:25

If you split in 2010 it does seem rather a long time to still have him on the tenancy in 2013.

HerrenaHarridan Fri 01-Mar-13 09:19:24

Citizens advice!

Agree you need him off tenancy.

Ignore these suspicious people who say you shouldn't let him in the house this often. It is your kids home and they are lucky their father bothers to visit them this often.

Agree with pp who said " if he doesn't live there it's easy to prove"
Let them see your bedroom (one sniff and you can tell if a man shares that room *bleurgh!) your toothbrush holder, your shoe and coat rack etc. Be totally upfront with them including telling what ca say about getting him off tenancy.

If your still worried, keep a log. Arrived this time, left this time. If you get super uncontrollably paranoid set up a webcam in your hallway smile

coribells Fri 01-Mar-13 20:27:52

why does maintenance need to be declared ? as far as I recollect maintenance doesn't effect any benefit claims. I don't think the OP is in big trouble. I know from working in social housing it's pretty hard to get someone's name of a tenancy if they don't agree.

lubeybooby Fri 01-Mar-13 20:33:39

It needs to be declared so it's accurately recorded where that money in the bank is coming from every month. Basically to prove it isn't from working or anything.

FannyBazaar Sat 02-Mar-13 20:33:19

If he's getting mail sent to your's, send it all back marked 'not at this address', if you just hand it to him, he won't make the effort to change his address.

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