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newly separated.....benefits.....

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Rockchick1984 Mon 25-Feb-13 12:13:27

It's all a bit of a grey area if he is still living with you... Basically you would need to be living as tenant and lodger so no shared meals, no shared bills or bank accounts etc. There was a thread a couple of days ago on money matters section from a poster who is being investigated for a fraudulent claim for this very reason, so may be worth a read.

Inshock123 Sun 24-Feb-13 20:31:50

Husband has told me he doesn't love me anymore sad .
He is using the spare room as his area but is still going to help as he has done with the kids.
Am I entitled to any benefits as a single parent as he is in spare room?? I do work.
Do we need to do anything legally to separate? When ive got my head round it I believe we will divorce sad .

any help would be appreciated

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