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How much maintenance does your ex pay?

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Kerelene Mon 01-May-06 13:52:40

I have just been wondering how much maintenance you receive from your ex-partners. Mine pays me £60 a week for our 6 year old daughter and in addition we go halves on all major costs such as school uniform, ballet lessons, school dinners, etc. We have come to this arrangement amicable without ging through the CSA.
A friend has told me that he should be paying more but I don't know what is a reasonable amount. What do you all think? Would be interesting to do a straw poll on what maintenance you receive if you are happy to tell me.

WelshBoris Mon 01-May-06 13:53:56

Depends how much he earns

TwoToTango Mon 01-May-06 13:56:18

I think that sounds good mainly because you have an amicable arrangement. I have friends who have had to go to the CSA and ended up with less than £15 pw or nothing at all. I also know a couple of dads who have to pay ridiculous amounts through the CSA which obviously causes tension. If you go onto the CSA website there is probably a calculation you can do but from what I have seen I would say AVOID the CSA if you can make an amicable arrangement. it sounds like he would probably give you extra money if your dd needed anything.

nutcracker Mon 01-May-06 14:01:06

My Xp is giving me £40 a month for 3 kids so i think £60 a week for one is quite good, but I don't know if he'd be made to pay more through the CSA.

bluejelly Mon 01-May-06 14:04:26

Kerelene that sounds reasonable. My ex pays £250 a month for my dd. Alas he hasn't been working for 3 months so no longer does.
I earn a fair amount so haven't been bothered to go down the csa route-- everything I hear about it sounds appalling!

spursmum Mon 01-May-06 14:19:48

If you can sort it between you amicably then go for it.
I get sweet FA from my ex as he pretends that ds doesn't exist and CSA can't be arsed to find him!
You saw that right...nothing...f*ck

WelshBoris Mon 01-May-06 14:35:49

Spursmum why dont you take him to the csa?

spursmum Mon 01-May-06 14:42:22

They've been looking for him for 3 years now!!
I've given up with it all. The man's a useless f*cking waste of space.
Ive given the CSA his parents address, his national insurance number and told them what town I am pretty sure he lives in now and they still can't find him.
CSA couldn't organize a p*ss up in a brewery.

Turquoise Mon 01-May-06 14:44:42

The supposed CSA minimum is 15% of earnings for the first child, 20% for two. They are crap at enforcing it though.

WelshBoris Mon 01-May-06 14:44:55

What about via the inland revenue?
Maybe it will be better for you if someone else takes the CSA over as reported in the news

spursmum Mon 01-May-06 14:47:39

IR won't touch it. Said that it wasn't to do with them and that I should keep bothering the CSA.

WelshBoris Mon 01-May-06 14:49:22

Have you tried writing to your MP? Or to the complaints department of the CSA?

spursmum Mon 01-May-06 14:52:34

All of the above!! Although I do have David Cameron's offer to email him about it if all else fails. He said he'd look at my case personally (after the chat on here!) so I might try that soon.

WelshBoris Mon 01-May-06 14:53:17

Do it tomorrow, Ill post to check you've done it

singledad Mon 01-May-06 15:43:03

Dont expect anyone to agree, but have never asked ex for a penny. Once got a giro for £3 about 5 years ago and thats it. We both work part time and dont see why she should pay for me to live. She never gets kids anything but personal stuff which is between them, never have asked for help with clothes and such like. Guess I see it differently to most women, although mates do think it odd aswell

studentmum1 Mon 01-May-06 16:04:56

I recieve just short of £200 a month, this was organised by the csa. didn't want to take it to the csa but my ex stopped paying when he took me to court for access. the csa are crap! it has taken them a year to figure out how much i should be getting, and what the account numbers are etc! if i do get the payments at all, then they are late.

WWWontSlagOffAnyone Mon 01-May-06 16:05:24

I get £525 a month, voluntarily, from ex dh for ds, who is 8.5yrs. He also pays half of things like school uniform etc.

seriouslystressedspacecadet Mon 01-May-06 16:11:43

i get 100 pounds a month for dd from xp-big deal and he has never even so much as bought her a pair of shoes

rickman Mon 01-May-06 16:28:17

Message withdrawn

Caligula Tue 02-May-06 14:19:57


But he's supposed to pay £2.50 per week per child. (A fiver altogether).

I expect he thinks I might do something feckless with the money, like buy some extra cheese or something, so doesn't pay it.

eefs Tue 02-May-06 14:34:20

£300 a month for two boys.

singledad Tue 02-May-06 23:54:06

this is maybe not the place for mirth, but you're not gonna get very feckless on a fiver, but then i only got 3 quid, c'est la vie.

nightowl Wed 03-May-06 00:27:35

spursmum...grrr.....csa have all dd's daddy's details and after two years...not a penny. fgs...i gave them his address, parents address, private investigator report...blah blah blah...useless! ds's dad pays £27 a week.

HappyMumof2 Thu 04-May-06 13:42:48

Message withdrawn

Piffle Thu 04-May-06 14:04:06

For the first 11.5 years
for the last 6 mths £50 per month
Believe it or not, it's amicable

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