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finance after split

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Brisdex Mon 11-Feb-13 16:16:02

Does anyone know of who the best person is to go to for advice on how to split property when it comes to sell it. Living in jointly bought house (paying interest only mortgage - no option to change it as can't afford it) for past 5 years, can't afford to get ex off the mortgage as it's too big for me to take on on my own, and have agreed to keep the house till children are 18.

Ex used to pay half of mortgage but hasn't for a year. Child care split 50/50 so I don't get maintenance.Things are amicable, but need to legally sort out house - solicitor is v expensive and even mediation looks to be about 400 a session for the two of us - they have told us they offer no legal advice and in fact can't advise us at all. I just need someone to go through the finances with and work out what is fair for both of us. Has anyone had similar experience or know of who might be able to help? Or do we have to go down the legal route - we would be happy to settle between us but don't know how to work it all out!


emmab16 Fri 22-Feb-13 21:26:38

I have the same question! I had an initial meetig with a solicitor this morning & they said we need to agree a split before the solicitir reviews it to check it's fair?!?! So whycan't they tell me upfront what is fair? I don't really understand why they can't advise ona % split.

400 for mediation seems a huge amount..... But then i haven't had a quote yet ;)

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