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So fed up :(

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betterthanever Mon 11-Feb-13 11:11:54

I am sure that there are lots of other mums who feel just like you and if you invited them round for a coffee/lunch/tea or a glass of wine in the evening would love the company.

marryinhaste Sun 10-Feb-13 21:53:58

Hello again. Well, you're one up on me as I would love to have a friend's house to go get drunk at - I really don't have anyone nearby who I go and see, so am really, really isolated. Its one of the main things I want to work on this year - my daughter is in reception, so I need to try and get to know some of the other mums - but I keep putting it off because I feel so fat and self-concious.

I think I need something fairly drastic to lose weight - my bad eating habits are so ingrained that I don't even get through a whole day of healthy eating. I need to stop drinking a glass of wine every night, and I need to stop buying the crap so I don't have it in the house - at least as a single parent I can't pop out and buy chocolate when I fancy it!

I think I might try the 5/2 diet, as I really do need a shock to my system, but don't think I could cope with low carbing. I have a book that I saw recommended here called something like "overcoming emotional overeating" and I have found it really good, but just not put it into practice yet, I also bought the Paul McKenna gastric band book this weekend - basically I want a magic wand and for it to be fixed!!

betterthanever Sun 10-Feb-13 20:33:14

hi moving
On the eating too much front do you find it is when you are feeling lonely in the evening when you do this or other times of the day?
If it is the evening do you think you could plan a different treat for yourself, such as a bath with candles, or have someone come round and do a manicure once a month? a friend round? manicure your own nails, plan a phone call or two to distract? just maybe get out of the habit. Or may be change the food to something less fattening but still yummy, even if it is one of two items a week. Taking control and thinking about those things may help to feel back in control too. How about cooking some healthy things which is also something to do when DD is in bed. I usually do this, put the radio on for company. Reading? escape? I use that too. Chat on here lol
I still have all the nights in on my own, they get less and shorter as DC has things after school now most nights and we can go out for tea now and again as he can stay up later. Maybe write a list of all the things you fancy doing - as I often think of things when Im rushing round in the day and then forget come night time.
You are doing a wonderful job and this harder time will pass. I have always found winter much harder such indoor it is much more isolating.

Movingforward123 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:46:57

How are You planning in loosing weight? I think if I just stopped eatin chocolate and cakes I would loose some weight! Easier said then done.

Movingforward123 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:45:50

You sound just like me, good and wine. I drank loads last night but I was a a fiends house so at least I wasn't drinking alone.

Well yesterday I started low carbs which I'm terrible at as I love crabs! Had an omelette for breakfast then when I got stressed out eat nearly a whole bar of galaxy the large ones and a twix.

I might try low crab possibly again this week, but today I am seriously hungover, so I'm feeling even more crap and guilty too.

Last night I had Chinese and today Mexican, do defiantly not low carb.

marryinhaste Sat 09-Feb-13 20:23:07

Hi moving. I know just how you feel, though I've only been a single parent since October. I am feeling pretty low at the moment, and really want to lose weight but food (and wine) is my only treat in life - without that I don't have much to look forward to each day.

I know what you mean about feeling better in a few days, too - I have weeks where I feel fine then it all comes crashing down on top of me. I sat sobbing in my son's room last night as he kept waking and it just tipped me over the edge. Sometimes the relentless-ness of being a lone parent gets too much.

Shall we support each other to lose some weight? I find being a lp makes it even harder to have the energy to devote to keeping the motivation going. I spend more than I can really afford on a gym membership and never go - but I refuse to cancel as I know I should be going.I have also eaten the biggest amount of junk food ever this weekend - thinking about losing weight seems to make me eat even more!

So, how do you plan to shift the weight?

Movingforward123 Sat 09-Feb-13 16:13:43

I'm just so fed up at the moment! I have been single for about two and a half years, I have one dd who is lovely. But I just feel so alone. I'm fed up of being home alone every night and would like to have someone to spend time with.

Today dd started crying about a toy in the supermarket and it made me feel like I was goin to have a panic attack! I've just had enough.

I'm bored and lonely and feel like its all crap right now.

Sorry for the moaning but I'm sure I will feel better again in a few days.

Also I really want to loose weight but can't as comfort eating seems to be my only comfort and outlet right now! How bloody sad!

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