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Can't afford maintenance but is in London having a night out

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Wereonourway Sat 02-Feb-13 20:06:18

That's it really. No maintenance since early December.
He pleads poverty.
Last week he bought some shoes for ds after I asked him, thought this made him dad of the year.
Today he is in London drinking in expensive bars after a football game.
He is self employed so absolutely no use going to CSA is there?? On paper he earns virtually nothing.
Stil I'm happier. I'm managing. And so so pleased its bout OUR money he is pissing away anymore
Selfish bastard. Rant over!!

bongobaby Sat 02-Feb-13 20:16:35

Yep I got one like that to and am having a rant of it on another thread. He to is dad of the year today as he has just brought ds top and trousers for the first time in ooh let me see 6 years!!! As for maintanance not a penny from the twat in a good few years.
Hope your exp chokes on his expensive drink in his night out expensive bar!!!! Glad you are happy but it does stick in the throat a bit....

Wereonourway Sat 02-Feb-13 20:33:41

It's extraordinary isn't it. How they feel no moral urge to help.
I'm made to feel like a pauper for asking for maintenance so I just don't bother anymore.
I only got 20 quid a week anyway, his day out today will probably cost ten times that. It's sad and pathetic but he won't feel any shame.
Sod him, I don't need him or his money.
Contact is another issue. He is digging a massive hole for himself by cutting it short or cancelling. Doesn't bother me in the slightest but it does not help ds at all who cries at handiver( that's my fault by the way, for being over protective and making him clingy).
I'm not gonna let it get to me, hope you don't either !

acceptableinthe80s Sun 03-Feb-13 10:04:23

You should still go to CSA. My ex is self employed and declares a fraction of his true earnings but i still get £80 per month, not much but it helps.

Also when the universal credit system comes in self employed people will be assumed to be earning the equivalent of minimum wage at full time hours, if they declare less than this they will be forced to seek additional work.
So once this system is in place all self employed nrp will have to pay x% (depending on number of children) of this figure (around £240 per week).

For example i've worked out under these new rules my childs payments should increase to £36 per week

betterthanever Sun 03-Feb-13 11:21:31

My ex claims to have £0 income - not even benefits - he claims to live off family and friends yet has a mortgage and two vehicles - it is a joke. His family and friends are not rich people by the way but obviously very generous wink

DoubleYew Sun 03-Feb-13 13:14:50

Yes what acceptableinthe80s said. It's not much if you look at it per week but how old is your ds? Think how much it would add up to over his childhood. 1040 a year for how many years?

It's also my fault if ds ever cries. Not his for cancelling so his child doesn't feel comfortable with him. Are you keeping a diary of every time contact is messed about by him? And do the arrangents by email so you have a record of him not being bothered.

McBuckers Mon 04-Feb-13 14:39:35

My XH is under paying maintenance for the next three months and is claiming poverty. Funny that he's taking the OW to Barcelona Valentines weekend!


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