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Books about divorce for children

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MyelinSheath Thu 31-Jan-13 13:13:18


I'm just browsing through amazon and am looking for books for my 6.10 yr old daughter to help her understand that her dad and I are going to get a divorce.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated as it's hard to tell what will be good.


Lonecatwithkitten Thu 31-Jan-13 15:20:05

Actually the one my DD (8) really related to was a fiction book - The Spiderwick Cronicles (film) / The Fieldguide (book). This is probably due to the fact that the children in The Spiderwick Cronicles Daddy also had another OW. But a lot of the feelings she felt were the ones they voiced.
Initally though we kept the statement very simple we have one unhappy household and think it would be better if there were two happy houses.

cestlavielife Thu 31-Jan-13 15:30:45

i like as starting point for discussion.

didnt work too well for us tho as dd said "yes but it doesnt talk about a dad who has had stress" [ie major MH breakdown and agression]

jacqueline wilson books - find one which maches your own situation

MyelinSheath Thu 31-Jan-13 16:09:54

Thanks both. I've ordered that Babette Cole book along with 3 others for dd and 1 for me. It's hard to find something specific for my situation as it's not very common, but am happy to make use of whatever there is.

growingroots Sat 02-Feb-13 08:21:03

In my local library I noticed there were a fair few books on divorce, families, living with only mummy/daddy, relationships etc. so it might be worth having a look there.

MyelinSheath Sat 02-Feb-13 09:03:05

Thanks, will do.

sarahseashell Sat 02-Feb-13 18:28:26

'It's not your fault koko bear' is good

McBuckers Mon 04-Feb-13 14:43:07

Mum and dad glue is a good one. My eldest daughter reads it quite often. I've also bought a "Nifflenoo called Nevermind" by Margot Sunderland which helps kids who bottle up their feelings to open up.

McBuckers Mon 04-Feb-13 14:44:36

Yes Koko Bear is also good. I like that it has notes to parents throughout the book shock give an insight into what the child might be thinking and feeling.

MoelFammau Fri 08-Feb-13 16:09:00

I second "Mum & Dad Glue". It's wonderful.

sparklesunshine Wed 13-Feb-13 14:32:11

Dinosaurs Divorce is great for going through a bunch of different situations, and is probably the right age level. That and Two of Everything were my kids' favourites and prompted lots of discussion. Mom and Dad Glue was great too. Two Homes was great for my 2 year old (if they'll be staying at two homes).

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