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Is anyone as mad as me? Doing FT Exec job and Single Mum

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Mumfortoddler Sun 27-Jan-13 21:14:01

Hey folks,

Was just wondering whether anyone out there is a LP with children, I've just taken on a Director position FT and its manic- we leave the house at 7.45 and don't get back until 7pm. My DS keeps telling me he misses me, I only see him for two hours a day, and that is barely quality time. His behaviour has got quite bad with hitting/scratching since I went back to work FT, we also had to move house and he had to move preschool. Will he cope with all the changes? Will I cope with all the changes? Really struggling at the moment after we moved/I started new job/DS started new preschool all in same week and want to know if it will ever get better or if this is all there is to it. I don't think I can manage if it is.He is 3.

At the moment I am so stressed I just want to come home and sleep. Barely eating as constantly on the run all day. My appetite has disappeared from all the stress.

Wondering if I can hold all this down whilst being the FT Director (top honcho). Does anyone do this? Am I the only person crazy enough?

Would love to hear from any other exec mums out there that would like to bang heads. Can't socialise through work because I am the boss. So ruddy lonely too. Just working all the time, everyone thinks I am superwoman, I feel like I am about to break.


Darlingdamsel Sat 25-May-13 21:45:18

Hi Mumfortoddler

I am consultant and thinking of going full time if I can find a real job after being freelance for so many years, so I am finding this thread very eye-opening.

I don't have any advice but I if you would like someone to throw ideas at professionally every few weeks - I would be happy give you an ear for free as I have been looking for ways to lend to hand to others

I am a strategist and have done a fair bit of work in the charity sector in the past. Right now I am on a retainer for a client - so I its really not about money. If you want to chat to see if such an offer would be help, just message me.

Otherwise - best of luck. It sounds like you are pulling it all together!


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