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How do you build your life back up after a split?

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NineTen Sun 27-Jan-13 19:14:40

I have been a single parent for the past 5 years. Exp and I split when I was pg with dd. I have an older ds too. We have no contact with him anymore....his choice. I was a mess after we split. I have had had a few boyfriends over the past few years but nothing serious or that lasted longer than 6 months.

Now life is a lot better. I have a better job, we are moving to a nicer home and I feel like I would be able to fully commit to a relationship compared with how I was a few years back.

I would like a lasting relationship and to settle down. I would love more children. I worry that I wont ever meet anyone and I wont have more children. its silly really but I just dont know how to go about it. I havent been in a propper relationship for nearly 2 years and I have forgotton how to meet people, where to meet them. Online dating it just awful. If you go out clubbing in my local town the men are vile and only after one thing.

Piemother Sun 27-Jan-13 23:45:20

I don't have the answers but can't read and run. I know exactly what you mean about meeting men on nights out though - euw!

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